Who will you make peace with ?

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I will make peace by playing with my brother. Peace means no wars. Peace means not  arguing with a  friend over a book.  Peace  means  sharing the book.  Peace means helping other people  carry there stuff.

Who will I make peace with

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I’m writing about my friends and family. Because sometimes my parents have fights and it’s not very nice to listen to. Because I hate listening to because their bad. And sometimes me and my brother get in fights so I … Read More

Make Peace One Day

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I will make peace with my brother. I will do this by helping him, and letting him play and train my gerbil with me. I will make agreement and love, not argument and hate. Another way I will help make … Read More

Make peace one day

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People you can trust. peace means no bad things happen. other people and people you don’t know. do good things instead of the bad things. with someone else. respect the people with you and around you.

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