100 wc week # 5

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Once upon a time there was a girl her name is Penny. She loves science she wanted to be a science teacher when she grows up. She always aced her classes of science. Then she went to her class and … Read More


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One day I went to school and I had a field trip. We were going to the zoo so my teacher, Miss Pink was about to tell us are groups but it got louder so she told us to be … Read More

Week # 4

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Once upon a time there was a girl she loves giraffes there her favourite animal. She always wanted to go to the zoo but her mom and dad are scared of animal so they stayed home watching tv boring. The … Read More

100wc Week#4

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one day ther was a teacher and he had go to the school and tech and the next day and the teacher handed out field trip forms out to the class. The teachers name was pink and the next week … Read More

100 wc

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There was a boy and he was going to school at Sokol. He was going to the zoo and he wanted to see a giraffe but when he got there the boy ats the teacher if thay cub go see … Read More

100 word challenge

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Once upon a time I was walking in a jungle and I was so warm, hungry and thirsty. I heard ocean waves, so I went straight through palm tree leaves and there it was, the beautiful blue ocean. I went … Read More

The Person

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In South Carolina, there lived a boy with his mom and his dog. His name was Jack. His father unfortunately passed away. The one place he loved was the zoo. He always liked all the animals and all the different … Read More

100 WC

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I woke up this morning I went to school and I saw there was a pice of paper on my desk my teacher said sit down quickly and quietly. My teachers name is miss.Pinaple it is a silly name! My … Read More

100 WC#4

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  There once was a giraffe named Pig, her mother and father were pigs, when she was born from a egg, there was another egg that was a pig instead, and his name was Giraffe, and this all happened when … Read More

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