100 WC week 24

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There was a legend, a old one. It was believed that the evil spirt Konoharus was sealed from by Belluis, ( good guy ) from underneath the earth and could never come again back to the surface. He grew a … Read More

100 WC week 23

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It was a dark and stormy night. It was dark, the light went out however I had candles. I went down stairs to get some coffee. I gingerly took my cup and drank my coffee While I was downstairs, I … Read More

100 WC Week 21

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It was 3 in the morning. I went down for some Coffee. I was enjoying it when suddenly all the lights went out. I couldn’t find any flashlights and I was all alone. I was feeling nauseous, headaches and I … Read More

100 WC week 18

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King: Servant! Servant! Where are my carrots! Servant: Here my King, here are the special carrots, it is in a steel protector so nothing can ruin it. King: Is the carrot mauve coloured inside ??? Servant: Yes my King Servant: … Read More

100 WC Week 17

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There was once a boy. He lived alone, miserable and sorry for himself, His name was Alex. Alex had no education neither any parents and he sat in his abandoned house. It was sunny out and so one day a … Read More

100 WC week 16

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My name is Jack. I’m 12 years old, and I’m lost in the forest. Me and my friends were goofing off and we found our way thru the forest. We were scared and hungry. We heard some rumers about a … Read More

100WC week 14 Leo

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It was 3:50 in the morning and I was exhausted I heard a very strange sound that went had a very high pitch. I changed and went outside to see what was happening. While I was outside it was freezing … Read More

100 WC week 13

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Lately there have been sightings about ” An orange crocodile  Which I really don’t believe because ” it’s a orange crocodile ” but since we’re going camping to the forest ( where there’s been sightings of the orange crocidle) I am … Read More

100 wc week 12

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THE RED POT MONSTER There was a legend about this monster and lots of people tried to find it inside deep caves, they said that this monster would give you lots of gold if you feed it! But what made … Read More

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Greetings humans of Earth!I am now reporting to you what I see up in space. Up here is colder than the artic in winter but I can’t feel a thing at all! I can see space and somehow a few … Read More

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