100wc week 23

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A girl, it starts with a girl. A remarkable generous girl, however, it wasn’t always like so. One gorgeous afternoon on wel-way road, a girl, the girl, started walking her way to Ranchlands elementary school. She was like the regular … Read More

100wc week #21

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You, are probably like me. Feel like there’s nothing to lose, right? Stop thinking so, because as soon as it gets too far, you lose everything. Lucky for me, I was given a chance. Sound like me? Continue. I always … Read More

100 wc week #18

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“Keep an eye on her, there’s something suspicious about her”, said Mr. Hellons. “Like what? Is her father apart of the search”? I smirked. “Exactly like that”. I felt stupid. “Her name is Navaeh. She’s 13, and her house is … Read More

100 wc week #13

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Sometimes I feel like I’m all alone. I just don’t know why I have no friends, I try to ask but I always get ignored. It’s almost like I’m invisible. One night there was  an incredibly ginormous thunder and lightning … Read More

100wc week #14

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I tiptoed out of my room and checked if everyone was asleep. “yes”, I whispered. “Coming”, quietly responded Rachel. The two of us crept down stairs, through the hall and to the left into our coat room. BANG! “Oww”! I … Read More

100wc week #12

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“Oww! That hurts!” Screeched Sophie. “And you think I care?! Funny”. This is a story about my bully, Andrew. And when someone had enough watching me, or something, whatever, but he had enough watching me get hurt. One day I … Read More

100 wc week #9

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As the smoke cleared, she’d started walking up the glossy hard crystal staircase. While she slowly walked up the stairs, she could see the sunbeam shoot into the beautiful chandelier. Finally, the top. Anna could see a hard oak wooden … Read More