100wc week#24

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Once a kingdom faraway at the land of remarkaba the was a king he was big and he was king Ashton he was brave, and he was huge and his kingdom was faraway and there was a misteres man and … Read More

100wc week#21

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Once there was a king ¬†at a jungle and his name is Hong Kong and his kingdom was so hard as being king of the jungle wait what is that sound?(King Kong scream)that is scary Teri who called scary Teri … Read More

Week#19 100wc

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Once there was 6 families and they went to a boat that leads to the river but suddenly they were scared from the swamp creature and then it attached the boat so they were lost at the woods and then … Read More

100wc week#18

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Once there was a carrot that could talk and and his friend steel,tearful,under, and Mauve and they were alive there was a kid that saw a talking carrot talking to his friend his name Ashton and he tried to not … Read More

Week#17 100wc

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the weather will change because after it is going to be spring sunny,warm,hot,fan,ice cream,and swimming because after spring is summer so I think we would use a fan for this emeregency because we would all of this for spring and … Read More

100wc week #16

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Once opon a time there was a man that can look the front behind.Then he trip into the death when he was there the door shut and he lived here when he lived here there 4 ghost in there and … Read More

100wc week#14

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As I turned round it changed shape a ghost shape so I ran away because he want to haunt so he turn into a circle roll to him and the ghost was lonely and I heard and I was friend … Read More


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  Collapsed is like an earthquake shaking. Within is come down and relax. Orange is like the color and a fruit to eat like sour. A crocodile is dangerous because they snap they eat and they bite your hand and … Read More


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Once opon a time there it was Friday when it was night there was a boy named Ashton.He camped at the woods alone when he sleep he had a nightmare.His nightmare is about a wild animal tries to eat him … Read More