Citation Machine
Help with citing your sources properly using APA, MLA and other formats.

Owl Purdue Online Writing Lab
Another source for citing your sources properly using APA, MLA and other formats.

Similar to Citation Machine. Assists in creating a bibliography.

The Style Wizard
Includes APA and MLA citation wizards and the Validity Wizard for checking the validity of an Internet source

Copyright Free Images Here is a resource for copyright free images:

As stated in the SCHS Parent/Student Handbook, “there is a clear expectation that all students will approach their education with intellectual honesty; they will perform assignments and take tests with honour and integrity.”

Plagarism involves submitting or presenting work in a course as if it were your own work, completed especially for a particular course, when in fact, it is not.

Common Ways for Plagarism to Exist:
The work submitted was done in whole or in part by an individual other than the presenter.
Parts of the work are taken from another source without reference to the original author.
The whole work is copied from another source/
A student submits or presents work in one course which had also been submitted in another (although it may be completely original to that student) without the knowledge of or prior agreement of the teacher involved.

Note: should you start a blog, create a poster, newspaper, etc., you must attribute all photos.
You cannot use “google images” as your citation. You have to go to the original source.

Tips to Avoid Plagiarism
Don’t cut and paste and pretend it’s your work.
Don’t rewrite the passage in your own words and pretend it’s your work.
When you research, ensure your notes include the date, attribution, complete quote.
If you want to use the same work for more than one course, speak to your teacher beforehand.