Making Learning Visible


Learning Stories invite us to find inspiration in the learning experiences of students and teachers. We create and share animations, documentaries, presentations and interviews in order to illuminate the process, design and impact of learning experiences on student engagement. We believe that learning stories are an engaging way to share, inspire and reflect upon what learning looks like in our classrooms.

Movement for Mental Health

This learning story features the Movement for Mental Health project at WH Croxford, which raised thousands of dollars for a local non-profit organization. Produced by WH Croxford student, Kate M.

Pursuing Wellness

This video features a group of fifth graders from Elizabeth Barrett Elementary who have improved their focus and wellness through movement, mindfulness and being outdoors.

RVS Cochrane Games

Students from 6 RVS West schools were invited for a day of physical activity and exciting new opportunities. Students enjoyed activities including kickboxing, soccer, ice skating, dance, bootcamp and organized games. Over 325 kids took part in this day of...

Elizabeth Barrett Winter Fest

Physical activities that get kids outside, even in the cold! November 2017, students were invited outside for a fun afternoon of physical activity and play. Students from Cochrane High School, along with grade 5 leaders from Elizabeth Barrett, ran...

What Learning Looks Like in RVS

This episode of the RVS Animation Series features the engaging learning designs created by teachers in Rocky View Schools, where students develop literacy, numeracy and competency through making, creating and doing.