Healthy Snacks for Spring

Snacks are an important part of your eating since they help sustain your energy level between meals. The key is to choose healthy snacks – ones that will satisfy you and be fun to eat!

Check out these 20 Healthy Snack Ideas for Spring! 

The School of Public Health said poor food environments are linked to lower-quality diets in children, which can lead to health problems like obesity and diabetes.

Since 1980, there has been a three-fold increase in the proportion of children with obesity, according to the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs Science and Technology.

Alberta received an overall grade of D based on the following performance indicators:

  1. D for food availability within community recreational facilities, including a high proportion of unhealthy foods in concessions and vending machines.
  2. D for neighbourhood access to unhealthy food stores. More than 75 per cent of schools in Calgary and Edmonton have at least one convenience store or fast food restaurant within 500 metres. In 60 per cent of neighbourhoods, there are at least 10 times as many food outlets selling mostly unhealthy products than those selling healthy ones.
  3. F for composition of children’s food. This failing grade is due to a high prevalence of children’s cereals with high sugar content and few whole grains

Check out these healthy snack options for some inspiration!