Weather Rocks

The kinders worked hard on decorating their weather rocks for Father’s Day. We hope you enjoy them!

Planting Seeds

Each kindergarten student had the opportunity to plant seeds in the school flower boxes with help from Ms. Smith. We planted radishes, Swiss chard, and spinach. We will be keeping an eye on the flowerbeds to see which seeds start growing first. Hopefully we will be able to taste some before kindergarten is over! The next time you are grocery shopping you can ask your child to point out the three different types of vegetables we planted.


Maker Projects

Thanks to all of the cardboard donations, the students have been planning and building 3D projects with partners. The kinders had the choice to design and build whatever they wanted. Some made crocodiles, trains, castles etc. We saw some very creative ideas! We are continuing to build and decorate next week.

Enjoying the Sunshine

We have been enjoying the beautiful weather and spending time outside with other classes in preparation for grade one. Hopefully the sunshine decides to stick around!

Nature Observations

This week we went on a nature walk and sketched a picture of one of the plants around the school. The students made sure to include details in their drawings such as the branches, buds, and leaves. Each week the students will sketch the same plant and record the changes they notice as the weather gets warmer.

Tae Kwon Do

We had a great time at CTC Martial Arts & Fitness. The students learned how to punch properly, how to do a front kick, block using their arms, and jump over a river full of crocodiles. We can’t wait to go again! New photos will continue to be posted throughout our Tae Kwon Do lessons.



We had a great time on our first field trip! The students learned about the five senses and explored the world of Science through hands-on activities. Enjoy the photos!

Twin Day!

New Stations

The students have been enjoying the new stations we started this week. Check out the pictures of some of their discoveries!

Working on our Subitizing Skills

We have been practicing rolling dice and recognizing the number on the dice without counting the dots. The children are getting very quick at calling out the numbers they roll! We’ve also been using ten frames to represent the numbers on a dice.



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