Valentine’s Day in K

We had a wonderfully busy Valentine’s Day in Kindergarten!

We set up the two classes with different stations for the children to explore with a mixture of math, art, writing and reading. We witnessed lots of great problem solving and cooperation among the students. There were many instances of children helping each other out.

“How do I write the number 28?” “I can help you with that!” “Okay thanks!”

Thank you to our parents who came in to help us out that day. The extra sets of hands were greatly appreciated! We would also like to send a thank you to the families who sent in food for our parties. There was a ton of selection for the children and a lot of work went into the preparation by those parents!

Song to practice over the break

Hello Parents and Guardians,

The morning class children will be performing the song below at the Pink Shirt Day Assembly on February 28th. We have been working on this song for a few weeks now and we do not want the children to forget while they are off. We are asking for your help to please have your child practice singing the song over this coming week. The afternoon children have been learning the song as well and are encouraged to continue singing it.

Link to the song

As always, thank you for your support!

-Robyn Napier & Sheila Robinson

100s day reminder and Olympic Spirit

Just a reminder that Monday is our 100th day of school celebration. Please have your child bring in 100 items with them.

Over the course of the Olympics the staff and students are invited to wear red and white or Canada gear to show support for our athletes. Go Canada!

Handwashing with Ms. Smith

Ms. Smith came in to spend time with each Kindergarten class. She read a story and did an experiment to teach us all about germs and how they stay on our hands if we do not wash them properly with soap. Thanks Ms. Smith!

Groundhog Day with Reading Buddies

The Kindergarten students paired up with their reading buddies to celebrate Groundhog Day. They read a mini-book all about groundhogs together and then they used the information from the book to create their own groundhogs using plastercine and toothpicks.

The students then took their groundhogs to the window and checked to see if theirs saw their shadow or not.

A huge thank-you to our buddies who did this two times! (Thursday for the afternoon kids and Friday for the morning kids!)



February “Newsletter”

Upcoming dates in February:

Friday, February 9th – Red and White Day -> students and staff are encouraged to wear Red and White to cheer for Canada at the Olympics (this is the opening ceremony day). The morning class can wear red and white on Thursday February 8th.

Monday, February 12th – 100th day of school celebration for Kindergarten.

Wednesday, February 14th – Valentine’s Day

Monday February 19th – Monday February 26th – NO SCHOOL

Wednesday, February 28th – Pink Shirt Day

Sharing – Sharing for the month of February will be our favourite animal. Please talk to your child about their favourite animal and help them to learn 3 facts about it as well as where it is from. Just a reminder that they do not have specific sharing weeks anymore. Whenever they are ready to share about their favourite animal they can let us know (or you can write a note in their agenda to let us know) and we will fit it in either that day or the next.

!00th Day of School – Please send in a collection of 100 items with your child on the 100th day of school. Ideas from the past are things like pennies, beans, beads, etc.

Valentine’s Day – Your child is welcome to bring Valentine’s for the children in their class. Please do not write a name in the “To” portion of the card. It is much easier for us to help distribute the cards to each child if you have your child only write their names in the “From” section. Mrs. Robinson’s AM Class: 22 students, PM Class: 20 students. Mrs. Napier’s AM Class: 21 students, PM Class 19 students

Outdoor Wear – PLEASE send your child with appropriate outdoor wear each day. If we have extra time during the day we just might pop outside for a bit with the children.

Problem Solver – In term 2 we are focusing on being Problem Solvers. We are reading stories about problem solving and looking for problem-solvers in our rooms!

Sight Words and Alphabet – In February we will be sending home a ring with either sight words or with letters of the alphabet. If your child is bringing home sight words, it means they already know all of their letters and the sounds they make. Please work on these every day with your child. We will be ‘quizzing’ them once a week on the letters/words on their rings and will be adding more as they are ready for them.

Home Reading – Once your child knows half of their letter sounds, they will bring home a home reading log and book to read every day. Please make sure you spend time every day reading this book with them.

Volunteers Thank-you to the parents who have been doing work at home for us! To those parents who have offered to volunteer in-class once a week: we will be sending a schedule home in the coming weeks and will begin having you come in after the February break.

Field Trip in March  –Please note that there will be a field trip coming up in March to Telus SPARK. The permission form will be coming home for that in the next couple of weeks. Please note on field trip days your child will be at school for the FULL DAY and will not attend school on the other class’s field trip day. If your family is having financial struggles, please let your child’s teacher or the office know so we can hopefully help relieve the financial pressure of field trips.


An Unexpected Excitement!

This morning we had an unexpected surprise outside of the Kindergarten classrooms. There were two workers who had a “SkyJack” and they were fixing the light fixtures in the hallway. The students were so excited! They had lots of questions for the workers and the workers offered to have the students sit in the hallway while they answered their questions! A huge thank-you to our Rockyview Workers for taking the time out of their day to answer all of our questions!

Some of the questions & answers:

“I wonder why they are changing the lights?”

-Because they can get old and stop working

“I wonder if the lights are wet up there?”

– No the lights are not wet. If they were wet, the water would be dripping on your head right now!

“I wonder why you have to use the machine to change the lights?”

-Because Mr. Kube doesn’t have a ladder tall enough to reach them.

“I wonder if the lights are dirty?”

-Yes, they are pretty dusty.

“How does the machine drive?”

– It has a joystick to move it forwards and backwards

“Do you have to fill it with gas?”

-No. It runs on 6 batteries.

“Are the batteries hard to change?”

-Yes, they are very heavy. But you can plug them in to charge them up.

We also learned that the batteries have water in them!

Welcome to our Kindergarten Blog

Hello Parents and Guardians,

I have finished adding all of your emails to our Rainbow Creek Kindergarten blog subscription. This means that every time there is a new blog post, you will get an email that has a link to the new post. Some of the posts will be about what we are doing in class and others will be about news items. Later this week we will be posting a February update. Please note that there is a button at the top of the blog that says “Calendars”. You will find out kindergarten calendar on that page. We will no longer be sending out paper copies of the calendars or newsletters.

Please take a few minutes to explore the blog – there are already posts from this year. My goal will be to add at least one new post each week. The blog is a great way to sit down with your child and for them to talk to you about what has been going on at school.

Thanks everyone!

Robyn Napier & Sheila Robinson



WaCkY wEdNeSdAy!

A Restaurant

Last week when observing free-play time, some children were overheard talking about restaurants and beginning to pretend play as though they were servers in a restaurant. During class-meeting time they shared their experience with the rest of the children. The next day more children were role-playing restaurant so they left that night with instructions to think about all of the things that are in a restaurant. The children made a very comprehensive list of things needed in a restaurant and after assigning groups of children to each item on the list, they began creating a restaurant inside the classroom.

The first couple of days the restaurant was open, the chidren were very excited and the room was very loud with orders being shouted from waiters at the tables to the chefs in the kitchen. Once we sorted out how this is actually done in restaurants it became a bit smoother of an experience for everyone in the room!

An overheard conversation between a waitress and a diner:

“Hello, what would you like to order”

“I would like to order a pepperoni pizza.”

(waitress goes to kitchen and brings back some food)

“Hey! That doesn’t have pepperoni on it!”

“Oh. Well we don’t have pepperoni”

“Okay, I’ll have a cheese pizza then.”

(waitress goes back to the kitchen and comes back)

“Sorry. We don’t actually have pizza at this restaurant. But I can get you a sandwich?”


“Would you like a cheese sandwhich?”

“Yes! I don’t mind too much if I have a cheese sandwich!”