Ways You Can Encourage Your Child to Learn How to Read

Learning how to read is tough work! Your child is embarking on the beginning of a journey this year of learning how to identify letters and words, and how to make sense of them all in print and in their own writing. 

Here are some tips that you can do with your child to help them learn how to read: 

* Sing the alphabet song every day. Hand-washing is the perfect time to sing this song as it is the amount of time it takes the soap to remove germs from our fingers! 

* Read to your child every day. Make this an enjoyable time. Your child may want to re-read favourite stories over and over again, and that’s great. It is helping them to form an understanding of patterns in stories. After reading a story, ask your child what they can remember from the book, and their favourite/least favourite part of the book.

* Show your child that you read too! Children need to see their families reading to know that it is something everyone does. This is especially true for boys. Point out an interesting story in the newspaper, a neat article in a magazine, or how you are following directions to make something.

* Have your child point out letters they know. When you are reading with your child, or driving in the car, make it a game for your child to find letters that they know.

* Ask your child about the songs we are learning. We are learning 2 new letter sounds every week in Kindergarten and there is a song to go with it! Ask your child which new letters they have learned and see if they can remember the songs – if they can’t, don’t worry too much. We will be revisiting all of the letter sounds starting in January.

* Go to the Library! Encourage your child to choose books that interest them in the library.

**** Remember to keep reading fun.****

Lots of positive encouragement is what they need right now!