This past week we celebrated National Get Outside and Learn Day on Friday. It was a great day!

We began the day by searching for patterns outside

Next we had some fun playing games with Mrs. Leonard and her drum.

Next it was snack time!

We continued our pattern hunt, and then went on a nature walk to collect pieces of nature for our art project. It was very cold without the sun, and so plans were modified a bit and we took our nature inside to do the art part and warm up a bit.

Our art project was to create prints from out nature onto pieces of fabric:

After lunch and recess our reading buddies came and we watched two short videos about an artist named Andy Goldsworthy. Andy Goldsworthy creates land art using nature. The Kindergarten and Grade 3/4 students were all particularly impressed with a floating ball that the artist made – it was created using curved sticks and he managed to wedge it into a waterfall! If you are interested you can watch the video following this link

We then went outside with our reading buddies and the students worked together to create their own nature art on the school yard. Everyone worked really hard and were very proud of their accomplishments! There was a lot of problem solving being applied as the wind would pick-up and blow pieces apart!