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Letter to Gr.5

Dear future gr.5s I’m Emma and my topic was ADHD. Exhibition is project that you focus on and at the you present you also can do a art project I find exhibition is hard but fun.

Here are some tips and advice. Don’t be scared because I was scared when your done your done. Don’t get mad at your partner because it’s harder to finish. Be Confident. Have respect in your mentor meetings. Use creativity ideas for your art project.

In exhibition you can interview people for your topic to get more facts. I was respectful to the person I interviewed. I was a thinker for more questions and interviews.

Don’t be scared because I was scared when your done your done.
I find you explore lots of facts and you might learn more things from interviews. I was co-operations with my mentors.

I find in exhibition you can be a risk taker in different things. I was confident and a thinker.


Letter To Grade 5s

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Hi my name is Laine. For Exhibition my topic was LGBTQ in schools. For me Exhibition was a very long and hard process and it takes a lot of hard work. There are also a lot of fun things to do in Exhibition to like your art piece and your action and being able to work with your partner/partners. Another scary but fun thing you may get the chance to do is to host the parents on parent night like I did.

Your research is one of the main parts of Exhibition. It is where you find all of your information to present. Don’t forget to site your sources. If your wondering what if you are wondering what that is, siting your sources is when you put your facts beside or under the resource you got it from. Another way to get information is to have an interview with someone who is knowledgeable about your topic. During an interview you need to have good questions prepared and you want to have good communication skills in an interview. And but during an interview you will probably want to go of the script and have a conversation with the person your interviewing.

A few tips I have for you is to communicate and cooperate with your partner/partners so you get everything done in time. Another tip I have for you is to be organized and and have everything in a certain place at all times so you know where it is. The third tip I have for you is to not mess around with other groups and your partner. The last tip I have for you is to have confidence and commitment with everything you do.

Your action is another key part part of Exhibition it is the whole thing you built up to. In your action you may present to the staff, do a survey or even do your own newscast on the PWE news. Your action is one of the most important times of exhibition to be organized about what your doing, how you are going to do it and if your action is meaningful. You also have to be prepared for you and your partner get into a fight about every little thing that you may do wrong.

One of the last key things in exhibition is reflections. When you do one of your weekly reflections you have to be detailed and explain what you did that week. The sentences also have to be more than 4-5 words and be thoughtful if you want to succeed.reflections are all a key part because it is where you put all of your information. You also have to be thoughtful when you put all of the things you do that week into one reflection.

Exhibition is a lot of handle in 9/10 weeks, but you have to make sure that you do do not get frustrated and have creativity in everything you do. You also can’t take anything for granted like I did at times. You need to help out as much as you can as well.

Letter To Grade 5s

Dear Future grade 5s,

Hi,my name is Liana. My topic for my EXHIBITION was LGBTQ In Schools. Our theme was Who We Are. Our Central Idea was: As people build relationships they create stronger communities. EXHIBITION in my opinion was really fun and a great learning experience.

EXHIBITION was challenging because there were very hard projects we had to do. Our research was very challenging too. The reason why was because we had to write down every source for every little piece of information we found for our topic.

The presentation is where you share your learning first with the parents on one day, and the school the day after. You show them everything you learned about your topic in the 9 weeks of EXHIBITION. You also show them an art piece that you create to represent your topic.

Sometimes in EXHIBITION you need to do stuff independently. 20% of the time you need to do stuff on your own. The reason why is that some of your group members will want to help you when their supposed to be doing something else. Then after helping you they forget what they were supposed to be doing and you and your group will have to start a whole new project. Because of that, it will set you far behind in EXHIBITION.

Here are some tips for you to help you in EXHIBITION. 1. Make sure you cooperate with your partner(s) or things won’t go well. 2. Have confidence in yourself. 3. You can do it! 4. Praise yourself meaning congratulate yourself after you complete a task. 5. Have teamwork with your partner(s) if needed. (Especially in the presentation).

Remember these things as you start EXHIBITION. The reason why is because you do an action in EXHIBITION that if you work hard enough on, you can change the world!

Sincerely and Good Luck,

Dear Future Grade 5

Dear future grade 5 students,
I did EXHIBITION just the way you are going to. I am going to help you understand EXHIBITION just a little better. EXHIBITION is when you pick a topic and you research it. Then you take action about it. Finally you present to other visitors and students. Though when we were starting EXHIBITION I thought it was going to be fun and stressful at the same time. It actually turned out good and once you finish you get all the stress and pressure off of you, you will be so proud. You might have lots of fights with your partners. My name is Harneet and my topic is Sports Anxiety In Kids.

If you don’t know what action is. Action is a stage that comes in the middle of the EXHIBITION process. The action stage is important because you take your research and take action to benefit you and others. For the action stage if you decide to spread awareness it will have a positive side and a negative side to it. The positive side is that once they learn the information the can share it and take action about it. The negative side is if they learn the information but don’t do anything about it. And attitude that connects to action is creativity because you have to be creative to come up with and idea that connects to your topic.

Something else you do in EXHIBITION is you have interviews/ field trips/ phone calls and emails. This is your primary source. This will help you with your EXHIBITION research. You might want to start planning this at the planning stage and then carry it out during the research stage. I would recommend having a field trip or a interview rather than a email or a phone call or a Skype. An attribute that connects to this is risk taker because you have to be brave and professional to do this. The presentation stage is probably one of the most important stage because that’s the day you show what you know and what you have learnt. You can also spread awareness on that day since you are going to teach other people about your topic. Try to use hands on stuff. What that means is that you should pass around stuff because that gets people to come to your station. Try to have a conversation instead of talking nonstop like a robot.

Some advice and tips are pick a topic that your interested in and not the on your best friend is. 9 weeks go by really fast so get as much work as possible done. Don’t fight with your partners. If you have a fight split up and do different tasks.

So all I say is don’t fight and just cope with your partners. Work well.


Exhibition Reflection By Grade 4s

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I now know that the exhibition is hard and challenging and that the exhibition is sometimes scary talking in front of people.

I noticed that the exhibition is interesting and that it is sometimes hard to find research and is hard to do.

I’m excited to do the exhibition because it looks fun and it looks challenging and I like fun things and I like challenges. RWC

The first person who has been with me did not know much about exhibition.

Feedback Grade 4’s-May 18

Person 1:
Q:Why did you choose that topic?
I’m excited to pick my topic and learn more about it because I want to be more knowledgeable.I know that if you have anxiety that you are tempted to do something!Something I noticed was that it’s really hard to collect research. I think that you guys did a good job!I wish we could do that in grade 4 but probably not gonna happen

Person 2:
Q:Did you have any problems?
Q:How does it effect you?
I noticed that it was hard because you need a lot of things finished also because it’s worth a lot of marks.I think that meaningful action is when it has a lot of hard work put in but sometimes it depends on what the topic is!I think that products are hard because it takes a lot of consecration.

Person 3:
I’m excited to set up and make a product.I think it was hard on you guys because you only have 10 weeks to do all sorts of things.I believe some people might need to change their topic because there was a lot of anxiety groups.I personally got bored because I kept hearing the same thing but I noticed that many people put a lot of effort into it!Also you guys did a good and bad job.

My comment:Many people were very encouraging and were really looking forward to exhibition.

Exhibition by grade 4s

Are you exited for Exhibition? Yes
Do you think exhibition is hard or easy? Hard

It made me think about our key concept question because we only needed three more but the questions were really hard to answer. A thing I noticed was that the grade 4 kids were really excited for exhibition.

I learned from my partner that to work on my key concept questions because when I was thinking I remember that our key concept questions has only three more to answer.

Exhibition Reflection By Grade 4s

I’m excited for working with somebody for 10 weeks straight because I like working with other people and I feel like I work better in other groups.A.S
I am excited for exhibition because it seems fun and also you can pick a topic that you like.L.T.M
I noticed that you have to do lots of research – S.P.
I’m surprised about how much they knew about exhibition.

Exhibition Reflection By Grade 4s


I’m excited for Exhibition because I get to learn more things about my future topic and how the topics change depending on the Central Idea.


I’m excited for Presenting because I think it would be harder to research and I like talking to new people!


I learned that Exhibition partners have different topics and you have to speak clearly and a lot of different people have unique topics.

Something that surprised me is that the grade 4s used a lot of big words and said such long sentences because I thought they where only going to say I was surprised but they said a lot.