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Dear Future Grade 5 students

dear grade 5 students

I am a grade 5 students and I am writing to tell you hope you have a good year and exhibition is a hard job but don’t get mad or talk to other groups it just make your run out of time which is never a good thing.

My first suggestion is make sure that when you are doing it to the parents to not make a mistake. The reason I chose this was because parents know lots.

I hope this helps you in exhibition because that is a important project.

best wishes


Dear grade 5 student

Dear grade 5 student

I am a grade 5 student and i am writing to you to tell you the exhibition is not as hard as you think .and you just need to think positive and not negative .and you have to be willing to put in a lot of time.

My first suggestion is not to waste time flys and don’t fight with you partner. Because you just waste more time doing it. The time you have is 9 week and you think that 2 months is a lot but is reality it goes so fast. The reason I said that is in exhibition I  wasted a lot of time and me and my group fight a lot.

And my second suggestion is pick a topic you like and not something that you are going to get bored at because i got bored of  my topic and that is the worst so pick something you put love.

My third suggestion is don’t take it as a joke because it’s not and my group thought it was a joke and that put us behind and a setback in exhibition.

I hope this letter helps you so you don’t make the same mistake I did.

Best of wishes


Dear Future Grade 5 Students

Dear Future Grade 5 student,

I am a grade five student and I am writing to you to tell you about exhibition. Last years central idea was actions, relationships and mindsets shape of the global community.

My first suggestion is your research can be hard because  you have to do a lot more In grade 5 you write a lot more you use the iPads a lot more you have to do a lot of partner working and you have to do lots of presentation. The reason I chose this suggestion is because research can be hard and I want to prepare you for it.

My second suggestion is to try to co-operate with your group members because if you argue with them you will have more problems and struggles. I chose this this because I arugged with my group members and that lead to no work.

My third suggestion is  that you shouldn’t fool around becuase you will also have to sit in the Hall and you will get yelled at. I chose this because this happened to me several times and it’s not fun you get yelled at.

I hope this letter helps you with exhibition.

Your hero, Denny


Dear future grade 5’s

Dear future grade 5 student,


I’m a grade five student and I am writing to you to tell you adout the big project that your going. To do soon in grade my topic was addressing the needs of the homeless why I chose my topic. Is I wanted to learn more adout it and how I can help the homeless too.


1 My first suggestion is to not detract other groups because than your wasting your time and others an example is if you’re. Painting  with your hands and you. Get a high five they have to waste there time to wash there hands.


2 My second suggestion is to not goof around and to stay on task and stay focused because time flies. Don’t waste it for me we had 9 weeks and it was fast. And listen to you teacher because you will regretting it because they say pretty important stuff. The reason is why I told you this is it will help you out.


3 My third suggestion is to get things done quickly because you don’t want to de behind. It is very stressful and harb to get things done the reason why I. Chose this is that it’s really good advice and I hope it will help you with your Ex too.


i hope this letter helps you and hopefully you’ll take my advice stay. On task and stay focused listen to your teacher get stuff done quickly. Thanks for reading my letter hope you bo well.


best wishes




Dear future grade 5s

Dear future grade 5s,

Hi my name is Supreet. I’m righting this letter because I want you to have a good exhibition experience.

My topic was Drug use affecting health. Our central idea was Actions, arelationships and mindsets shape the global community. As a group of grade fives you pick your central idea. In exhibition you have to pick and make your action. Your teacher picks your topic but you have to do a persuasive essay for your topic.

My first suggestion is that you should work separately if you start fighting because than you wouldn’t talk to each other and wouldn’t get fights. I’m saying this because it didn’t go well for us. Plus if you work separately then you we’ll probably get more work done. Other tip is that you should come back after 30 minutes or 15 minutes so you can tell each other what you did. More tips are that you should not work with someone your going to talk to.last tip I have for you is that when you work separately you should actually work instead of helping other groups.

My second suggestion is that you shouldn’t waste your time because  wasn’t our time by talking to other groups and fighting and we didn’t get anything done and then we had work beside the teacher and that wasent fun. Other tip is that you shouldn’t fight because that wastes time too. Anthor tip that I have for not wasteing time is that you should work in a room that you work well in because you might talk to other groups. Last tip is that you should not talk to other groups because you waste time. I am righting this because we wasted our time and we got nothing done and our prentation was good but bad too.

My last suggestion is that you should not listen to music because you can’t listen to your other partners and then you are doing nothing and there doing the work. Another tip you music is if you listen to music then put your volume lower so that you can here your partners talk and you can actually do work. I’m righting this because my partner listen to music and he didn’t do anything like work or help us he just sat there. Last tip for this is some people work good with music but then they start watching the videos and then they get in trouble.

In conclusion I hope exhibition is good for you and I hope that your prentation is going to be good plus exhibition is nine weeks and it goes very fast we thought it would be very long but it went very fast and sometimes you miss lots of periods. Please take my advice because it didn’t go that well for us so I want it to go well for you.

Best wishes,


Dear future grade 5 student

I am a grade 5 student and I am writing to you to tell you about some tips in exhibition next year.

My first suggestion is to not fool around while your working. My second suggestion is to do your best. My third suggestion is to do your best at presenting.

The reason I chose this is because it will help you work better.

I hope this letter helps you in exhibition.


dear future grade 5s

Dear future grade 5s

hi I am Anthony And my topic for exhibition was sport concussion  and my partners were remy  and Arjun and I am writing this letter because I am going to tell you tips for exhibition/thing that you sould do and not do.


My first suggestion is not to fight with your group because if you do you won’t get much work done and then when you presentat in the future you won’t have much information for example both of my partners for exhibition  and they did not get a lot of work done.


my second tip/suggestion is not to talk to other groups because you and other group will possibly get mad at each other because both of you guys would not have as much work done and one example is one of my partners talked to other groups and then we got mad at each other.


my third tip/suggestion is  to separate the group and chooses what to work on and then you want get mad at your partners because if you don’t you won’t get a lot of information if you work on the same thing and a example of this is my group did it and we got a lot more information when we did this.

hope you guys do a good job





Dear future Grade 5 student

Dear future grade 5 student

I am a grade five student and I am writing to you to tell you. that a creative art peiece takes a lot of hard work but if you see your group is strong you should make it a lot better and you will get a lot more work done.

Myfirst suggestion is. do not wast time because if you wast time it is not good because you will not get as moch work bon as you wud  if you were not wating time and that is a lot better then waiting time.

I the third tip is. bot arge with your parent because it you go it will not be good and you will be wasting time. You should listen to my tip because it is not a good thing to arguing with your parentthe forth tip is bo not bisexual the group around you because then you all will not get a lot of work bun and that will not be good for both groups. I think you should listen to my tip because it is not good at local when you bestride other groups.

I hope this letter hlep you because all of thes thing I have bin through and it was hard and I hope you go not go through the Sam things I have bin through and I hope you bo not aroun with your parent.

best wishes in exhibiton

my name is Noah

Dear future grade 5 students

Dear future grade 5 students,

hi my name is Abbey

And my topic is anxiety I chose this topic because I know I have anxiety and I now about one type of anxiety and my mom suggested it so I thought it was a great topic!  In the beginning you get to make a central idea our’s were actions relationships and mindsets shape the global community!

The first tip I have for you is …

1. Don’t fool around with your friends or you will loose  concentration. Concentrate on your work. Focus on what your groups  decisions please focus and concentrate if you end up in a mess like this one talking to your friends try to force yourself to get to your group.

2. Pay attention to what your group is doing their decisions and work.don’t go talking to other groups our you will miss something of what your group is doing. You get to pick your own topic but please don’t pick the same thing as  your best friends or else you will fight  or not be interested in that topic that you chose!

3. Pick a topic that you are interested in not your friends you end up fighting a lot.  Pick a topic that you are interested in maybe you will find a new friend!  The presentation can be hard but just remember to keep cool!

I hope you have a fun time in exhibition