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Dear future Grade 5 Student

Dear future Grade 5 students,


Hi my name is Mark. In Exhibition my central idea was Society’s responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community. My topic was poverty and families. I chose this topic because i want to learn more about this topic. I’m gonna tell you about things that will help during Exhibition.


My first piece of advice is to make sure that you are speaking loud and clear during the Showcase the Showcase evening can be loud and you want to make sure that everyone can hear you and understand the information.


My second piece of advice is make your presentation a little longer and make your Showcase bigger drawings so people will see and want to learn about your topic.


My third piece of advice is to not look around during the Showcase. You need to focus on your audience because it looks professional. I hope you have read my advice and will use it during Exhibition.






Dear Future Grade 5s

Dear Future Grade 5 Students,

Hi my name is Alex and I am here to write too you about exhibition.
Before exhibition you and the other classes come together and you make a Central Idea and the grade 5 students this year chose- Society’s responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community. My topic for exhibition was anxiety and depression. I chose this topic because I wanted to research something I have never heard of and when I saw the topic anxiety and depression I chose it because I wanted to learn more about it. I ‍‍writing to give you some tips and what you should be‍‍‍ prepared for in

First of all stay on task because if you’re not on task exhibition is going to be a nightmare but if you are on task and you use you brain exhibition won’t be as hard as the people who aren’t on task. If you are fooling around you can get your iPad taken away and that sucks because in exhibition iPads are super important because if you don’t have them you won’t have anywhere to put your research, resources, your action, interview questions and key concept questions If other groups are fooling around just walk away because you don’t want to get in trouble. Now remember to use your time wisely.

Second of all work good with you group or your partner because if you don’t work
good with them, on exhibition night your not going to have a good presentation because you could tell if you weren’t working together or you guys were struggling during exhibition because you won’t know that much about your topic because you were arguing the whole time.

Finally just have fun because exhibition is hard and stressful but remember all those tips I told you so when you’re ahead you can do your action which is pretty fun while some other groups were fooling around and then getting in trouble.

I hope you do awesome on exhibition and don’t get nervous because come exhibition night your going to rock it.

Best wishes,
Alex Halat.

AN Dear Future Grade 5 Students

Dear Future Grade 5 Students,

My name is Alex, and my topic is Clean Water and Sanitation. Our Who We Are Central Idea is: Society’s Responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community.

A piece of advice that you could use is stay on task. If another group talks to you, just move away because you won’t stay on task, and close to the end of exhibition you won’t have that much done because you talked to the other group. So you would rush. But hopefully you will get a lot done.

Another piece of advice that I would give to you is cooperate with your group well. Suddenly your group members are fighting and don’t know what to do to help. Your group will only get little done and by the exhibition day, when you present to the parents your presentation will be boring as a baboon. Also your group will get in trouble because your group was fighting.

The last piece of advise that I will give you is don’t work with your best friend because you will only talk to your friend. You won’t get work done. You will also play games. You will be in trouble. Please don’t go in your timer/stopwatch because you will be caught some time.



Dear future Grade 5 students

Dear Future Grade 5 Students,

Hey my name is Alex Our Exhibition Central Idea: Society’s responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community. My topic was supporting seniors and the reason I chose this topic is because I didn’t want to work alone on the topic I originally I was going to do. Also because I thought it was a important topic. Also I thought it was going to be fun. I mean we are all going to be a senior someday.

My first piece of advice is to try not to get into fights with the people that you work with (mentors and group members) because that was where my group struggled and got behind in work. Also because of that the pressure was on for me and my group. At that point we had to rush. We had to rush on the three posters, props and costumes. It was tiring but we survived.

My second piece of advice is to stay on task because you can get in a lot of trouble. Even in some cases you don’t get to work on your iPad. Also you can get really behind like really behind on your work. Trust me, being just a little bit of task can get you in a hole lotta trouble. It is not fun once you get caught.

My Third piece of advice is to not give up because if you do it will be way harder for you and your group. Like me I gave up on my poster but giving up was not an option I had to try and I did, I did it. Don’t give up live me you can do it because I believe. Also don’t give up if you are scared of Exhibition it is actually really fun. Just try and you will succeed.

That you for taking the time to read this. Also I hope you find this information useful. Also I hope you have fun and get through Exhibition just like me.


Alex. Continue reading

Dear Future Grade 5 Students

Dear Future Grade 5 Students,

Hi i’m Jaidyn for my topic I did child neglect it was really sad when we had to learn that some of the kids die and it broke my heart to find things like this out. For our action we did a drive to make these kids feel at home and safe.

Some advice you may need is to always stay on task because you may not get work done and you may let your group down and your mentor that’s there to help you.

Some more advice you may need is…… to know a little bit about your topic before you pick it otherwise your doing something you know nothing about and after a little bit you may not want to do that topic anymore because you may get bored and not knowing what your doing.

There’s lots more of advice but here’s the most important you need to be proud and ready to provide the parents and students with good information and be ready to tell them everything

I wish you the best through everything


MK Dear Grade 5 Students

Dear Future Grade 5 Students

My name is Mahek. Welcome to Exhibition. Our central idea is society’s responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community.
My topic is Hungry Children and today I will give you some tips on Exhibition.

My first tip is to get along with your group because, if you don’t get along with your group you won’t get things done like your research and your art.

My second tip is to not tattletale each other because if you do, the person who you are fighting with would have an attitude or would yell at you and will ignore you.

My last tip is to maybe be careful on you art because sometimes you can mess it up so I would prefer using a pencil rather then using a sharpie because you can mess up with a sharpie.

So I hope that you guys would have a awesome grade 5 year. Have fun in Exhibition.



NH Dear

my biggest challenge during exhibition was the reasearch I overcome it by getting help with my group member and my teacher.

I achieved my goal by doing reasearch and communicating.

the most important interesting or meaningful aspect of exhibition was are presentation because I feel like we did everything there we did are reasearch we did a sport we had some question and in my opinion the presentation was the most important.

if I could experience exhibition again I would it do nothing different because we did great.

what changed about me was I have more sports leadership and I won’t more people to be active and how I know is because of the action What I’m doing is getting everyone who just standing around doing to pick something from the bin we have like any sport and start playing.

Dear future grade 5 students

Dear future grade five students,

My name is Manav and my topic was safety of the internet and our central idea was society’s responsibilities is to build a physically and mentally healthy community.

One piece of advice is don’t argue with your partners for exhibition because you’ll find out that you wasted a lot of your time. One example was when me and partners were fighting we didn’t get anything done.

My second piece of advice is to not get of task because if you do than you will get in a lot of trouble. One example is I got of task because I put a kids iPad in the girls washroom.



Dear Furture Grade Five Students


Dear Future Grade Five Students,

My name is Emma I wish you the best luck with exhibition. I want to tell you something’s about exhibition and ways to help. When you are starting don’t think you are going to mess up on everything you are going to do amazing.

You fight sometimes in exhibition over what you are doing and how you are going to be doing it. When you are goofing around and someone gets frustrated and you start fighting with them and it bad but later you stop. When you don’t fight you get more work done and that’s what you want.

One piece of advice I am going to give you is with your research don’t get mad because you can put the questions in your own words and you can put two questions together.

When you make your art piece don’t hog it let someone else in your group do something. don’t annoy anyone in your group when they are working because you don’t have that long to do it. I would try to make the best of it.

When you have an interview with someone you have to know who you are calling because you don’t want to call the wrong person like I did. The numbers were beside each other and I got messed up so make sure you don’t do the same thing that I did.

Remember to stay on task and try to learn about your topic and exhibition as much as you can. I hope you get the topic you what. I want you to be passionate for your topic I want you to have a good topic and the one you want. I hope this advice is helpful for you. Have a amazing year and keep working hard.




Dear future grade five students…

Dear grade 5 students,

I am Nayamat. Welcome to Exhibition. Our central idea was society’s responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community. My topic is Hungry children. In this document you will be getting some tips to help you in the process of Exhibition.

My first tip is to cooperate with you group because if you don’t you won’t get your work done. I know that because me and my friend got in a conflict and we fell behind in our research. If you cooperate your group will get along very well, your group will get a good mark. Also you will have no conflict, our group did, we fell a little bit behind.

My second tip is to use your time efficiently. If you don’t you might fall behind and not know what to do. You can do that by not communicating to the group(s) around you. Another way to use your time efficiently is to communicate to your group to see if they agree with your idea. If you don’t know if they agree and you don’t ask them that can lead to problems in the future.

My last tip is to be positive and know that your group is there to support you. You should know that your group is there so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Also if you know that they are there you are most likely to think positive. Going further into that you will get support from your group and how you treat them is how they will treat you.

Over all exhibition is really fun and a great experience. You will mostly get the topic you are most passionate about. I hope that these tips will help you in exhibition. Good luck everyone!