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I’m proud that I actually got through exhibition because it was so long and boring. I’m proud of the art piece I made for exhibition because I didn’t know it would look good.

I’m proud of reading the research and actually remembering it.


It was challenging to get through exhibition because it was really hard and boring.

It was challenging remembering all my research because there was so much. It was challenging to put sentences into my own words because there was so many words I had to search.


It was really boring to be in the vicki interview for 40 minutes. It was important to interview people because they had lots of good facts and answers. I gained lots of information about sports and why they are so important.

SH Week #8Reflection

We have read our info but not fully sure that it’s remembered all of it . We also made a gold medal for the olympian that won gold and we coloured it gold got all the details in it. The displays we have are we have a heart, soccer ball, basketball, lungs, hockey stick And a football. We also have our action ready were thinking to announce it but not sure when. Now we are going to write all of the starting of our info on paper with the answer on the back of it. Also Dominic is going to do the artwork, Chastain is going to do the picture with his motivation words, and Nahid is going to help me. Reading our info is not going to well but it’s not even to bad. The challenges I’ve been going through is putting sentences into my own words and we have been struggling with knowing what we are going to do.

Week 8 Reflection

What I’m have done so far is, me and my group have  finish our research and we have done pertty good on our art display  and I believe that our group will have a good finished product for exhibition and I think that we spent our  time  wisely.

What I need to do next is, a  poster for my group and we have to finish up some other things to but they are  pretty easy and things are going well and that I have had fun  these last couple of weeks.


Give an update:what are your plans for action?what are your plans for showcasing your work-

Are action is pretty  narrowed down, are action is  spreading  the word about  how  Technology is taking our time away from other things like sports and we want to say to take a break off  Technology for a  healthy, interactiveand Active,life.

what has been your biggest Struggled with exhibitions far,How did you overcome it?what skills,attitude,Attributes, did you use?-

what has been my biggest struggle is trying to Finish on time and making sure I am on task too, I think that I have used attitudes like  Independence because sometimes my group is not on task an some with me but other wise I think that I an pretty   Independent.

what did you find out about yourself during exhibition?

One of the things that I am pretty good at that I have found out during exhibition is I can do  bibliography really well and something that I am really bad at is  grabbing information and then putting it in to my own words.

Why people should come to our  station Is because-

I Believe that our group has worked really hard on exhibition and we take time to do the little  details and stuff like that and I want people to see our  perspective on our topic an that they should see our group and things are going well.

Week 6 Reflection

1.What I have learned in this week is that  bodybuilders and people like that are  addicted to the high you when you work  Extremely and it is sometimes it can be a very bad  addiction  if some people do not  give their body  a chance to  recover.

2.The skills that I have used are I  listen to information that I am  given and I have used thinker skills by asking qustions and I use social skills by cooperating.

3.I have had fun to with my group I feel that I have to  remind my group to stay on  task but otherwise I feel things are going well.

Week 5 Reflection

the new  discoveries I have made,  that all the of the sports always have  reason for what they do in sports and that it is all about  perspective and how they think because it is not up to us but they try to do something that will help they and the business and something that  reasonable too and they try to do there best.

What skills I have used,  are communication skills well  at least I try because I can be a little pushy and I do listen to  directions but I have a little gole and it is to be a better person to listen to me  Partners  instructions aka ideas and I feel things are going well.

What is challenging  throughout exhibition,  is trying to make sure I and my  Group is on task because I can be  distracted very  Easly and I want to work on that.

How  exhibition inspires me to take action,  is because if I feel  very strong about this idea or problem I want it to  happen and  exhibition is all about  research,    Bibliography,  and stuff like that and that what makes  exhibition so good because it is a big  opportunity to do so many things.

Week3 reflection

What we have down was met up with are mentor and she told us to make question for are interviews and we made a couple of question for them and we finally made it to reasearch.  I feel that thing are going well but I think thing could go faster for us cause we’re doing what were doing right just slow. My goal is going really good cause I’m doing what my goal was even better then normal and I’m learning searching finding lots of things.

Week 3 creative Reflection

The attributethat I should is principled because I tried to make sure that my group has on task and it worked and we are doing well for example we finished our key concept and we have done a lot for research but we still have to do so much more but we are doing good and that is all for my week 3 Reflection I repeated what I said in the picture above because it was to  blurry.