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Final post

My biggest challenge during Exhibition was getting to know my information really well. I overcame that by reading it over and over again.
My goal of asking questions was sort of achieved because I did ask questions but not too many.
The most important, interesting or meaningful aspect of exhibition foot me was doing the research because if we did not do it we would not be experts on our topic. It is also important because if we did not do research we would not have any information to tell the people that come to our group when we are presenting to them.
If I could experience exhibition again I would be more positive while we were doing our presentation to the school or the parents, not look so nervous and freaked out.
I learned that I do not get along with certain people. I also learned that I am not to good at asking questions about certain things.

MK Final Reflection

My biggest challenge during Exhibition was getting along with my group. I overcame it when it was my fault I would apologize or if anyone in my group had a attitude me and my other group member would ignore that person, until they realized their mistake.
My goal was thinking skills and I have achieved it. When we did research I would have to think if it was the right information I was looking for.
The most important part of Exhibition was probably the research because you need the information to complete the whole Exhibition process.
If I ever did Exhibition again I would choose a topic that is a little more easy because the topic I have chosen was a little hard to find information on.
I have learned that I have confidence because most of the time I don’t have confidence but Exhibition help me a lot with my confidence. I know this because I feel more confident now then I did before.

Final Reflection – Alexis

What is the biggest challenge you faced during Exhibition?

The biggest challenge I faced during Exhibition was answering my research questions because when I went to one website it did not give me much information and it was sort of back and forth. For example when I went to one website it had no information at all but when I went to another website it gave me a bit of information.

How do you work to solve or overcome that challenge?

One solution to that problem was one weekend I went online and I found a lot of good websites. For example when I went home one weekend and went on my laptop with my mom and found some websites that  gave me lots of information. Another solution to my problem was a interview because he gave me lots of information about my research questions. For example I interviewed a guy named Ronald Papp and he is part of a wind turbine program and he gave me six paragraphs of information about my topic.

What have you learned about yourself since being involved and Exhibition?

One thing I have learned about myself since being involved in Exhibition is that I can get very frustrated when people are not doing what they are supposed to be doing. For example when we were on our last week of research the other people in my group were fooling around so it was very frustrating and hard to get them back on task.

Most important,  interesting or meaningful thing you learned during exhibition? Why?

The most important, meaningful and interesting thing that I learned was probably that there is a lot of wind in Alberta so wind power will be very successful if we actually take the time to install and pay for them. For example if the Canadian government the Chestermere MLA and the Minister of Alberta Energy work together they can make Alberta have lots of wind turbines which will be way better for the enviorment.

What suggestions would you like to give the students who will work through exhibition next year?

One piece of advice that I want to give the new grade fives is to stay on task because it may seem long but it actually flies by. For example when you were working if you are fooling around you will never get your work done which will affect your showcase big time.

What was your goal and how did it go?

My goal is to not worry about other people and just worry about myself. I think I did an okay job on it because I sort of was telling them to stay on task a lot and what to do. For example if I was working and they would get of task I would say “ guys c’mon we have lots of work to do stay on task” and it felt like a had to do that a lot.




Last reflections week 12

The biggest struggle of  exhibition is staying on task and  the erase history was really tough.  We had to go through twenty different sits and thinking for good questions.

How did you work to solve or overcome that was a challenge We move away from groups that are not focused and when I un focused I move to a different classroom. Or go for a tiny walk to the water fountain and when we came back we move to a better place and more noticed for a teacher to see us.

What have you learned about yourself since being involved in Exhibition?  I have learned my self expression to be more focused and be confident about your self and the topic. I also had my friend in my group and we were good friends at the start now we are best buds.

What was the most important, interesting or meaningful aspect of Exhibition for you? Why?  the most important of exhibition or aspect of interesting is the 9 weeks for two days  and what interesting is how the topics are vary good and lots of  researcher.

What would you do differently, or be more mindful of if you could experience Exhibition again I would not do it again because it’s a long time a plus it just for two days and you   Would get silly. And get very unfocused and probably get stressed a lot.

What advice and suggestions would you like to give to the students who will work through Exhibition next year?  Beyond task don’t be silly choose a good topic for you and don’t. Hang around friends or else you get silly and get in trouble and get no work done . and if you aren’t around her friends you’ll get work done and it would be easier for you for the rest for the nine weeks .

Final reflection

The biggest challenge I faced in exhibition was the reasearch because when you found the reasearch you have toput in your own words. Then if your supervisor doesn’t except it it makes ten times harder.

I over came this chalange by getting a whole bunch of reasearch at once. Then I would put all that reasearch in my own words. This helped a lot because it would only decrease my amount of reasearch by a little.

I learned that you can communicate with every one. Also you don’t have to be friends with pacific people.

The interesting part of exhibition to me was the showcase. I in joyed the showcase most because you got to share all your information about your topic.

I would change writing questions for your self to answer. Because I thought should  just get information.

I would give one piece of information to next years students. I would say trust your group members.

Week #6 Reflection

  1. I found putting the sentences into my own words and it was hard. Because I didn’t know how to do it so I got help. Then I did it with help and now I can do it.

   2) the TD skills are important throughout the process of exhibition. Because u will need to use them in the future. Also they are very helpful in many ways.

 3). Exhibition inspires me to take action because I will find out about the bad thing that are happening and try to stop it. Also show other kids about what’s happening in the world.

HM Final Reflection


The biggest challenge during exhibition was getting the research done I overcame it by not giving up and asking our mentor for help

My goal of communication skills was achieved because when we presented to the whole school and the parents I wasn’t nervous and presented it well

The most important thing about exhibition is getting all your research done because if you don’t get it done you can’t present anything and your exhibition is ruined

If I could experience exhibition again I would want to be in a group of 4 or 3 because it’s hard with just 2 people cause if one doesn’t come to school your all alone

I’ve learned about myself I learned that I’ve probably had a concussion before now that I know what it is and how to get one

LS Final Reflection

I’m proud of myself and my group I think we made a great effort and we were ready! I am proud of how well we did during Exhibition night. I am also very proud of our art. The most challenging thing was probably staying on task. The second most challenging thing was working with my group, we didn’t get along all the time. The least challenging task was probably was doing our art we couldn’t decide who would do what. To be honest our interview was not as fun as I thought it would be but, it was kind of cool we got to see the fridges that the immunizations are kept in. Interviews are kind of fun because we got to go off school grounds to go meet an expert on our topic. Sylvia (the person we interviewed) gave us lots of answers and we got a lot more of our research done and questions answered. It is important to interview experts on our topic because they know all about our topic and can give us lots of information on our topic. It is also important to interview experts because they know how to explain what their talking about. Another reason we interview people is because if there is a question that even the internet can’t answer the expert probably can. One thing I gained was more knowledge on my topic and a few other things. I also gained some new friends. My goal for Exhibition was to get along with my group this was sort of achieved, I was with someone who argues with me a lot and makes me unhappy I worked with her and it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Week #7 Reflection

Exhibition provides us with … that we can work with kids from other classes. Also we get to use lots of our TD skills to help us. We can also learn new things and we get to use the skills we need in the future.

Something that people may not know about exhibition is… the thing someone may not know is that you get to work. With different people from different classes and u get to learn different things. About your topic you don’t even know.

Achieving my goal has gone great so far because I’ve talked to my group about my ideas. Also it’s very easy now that I talk to my group a lot so now I am used to it. But I think that I need a new goal because I think I achieved.

Porter Final Reflection

My biggest challenge during Exhibition was communicating with my partner because she didn’t care about anything I did or said so I didn’t talk to her. I overcame this by letting her think and do what she wanted to do and if it’s not what I wanted to do I talk to her nicely and she started caring and we did really well communicating together.

My goal of organizing and collecting data was achieved. Evidence of this was having a bunch of docs to collect the data and all the key concepts because it organized our questions so they were easy to get to.

The most important, interesting or meaningful aspect of Exhibition was getting to share our knowledge with others because you get to inform people with these world problems and they then get to help to.

If I could experience Exhibition again I would hope to get a different topic because Poverty wasn’t even in my top three of choices and still got it and I didn’t really have much fun doing Exhibition because of the topic.

What I have learned about myself since being involved in Exhibition is that I can do something even if I don’t get the topic I want. I know this because I definathly didn’t want this topic but I worked hard and got through it.