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Ns week #7 reflections

Exhibition provides us with a chance to work with others. It also provides us with an opportunity to work the way they find best.

Something people might not know is that when you present your information information to the parents and students you don’t read of of something you have a regular conversation with whoever you are talking to. You also have to know your topic really well because your could get 50 different questions asked about your topic in a day.

Achieving my goal is going really well because I have been brainstorming ideas for our staging. Also we have had to do lots of research which means we have to think about how we will put the information in our own words.
My other goal is to ask questions and that has been not going well because my group has not been asking questions to teachers.

Week 7 reflections by taiya

We need to figure out  what supplies we need for are  presentation. We also need to sort out how to carry out action. Action ideas is to do a food drive For hungry children in the  chestermere food bank.


Some of my  discovery is this week are that hungry children sometimes eat  dirt wood and paper because they are hungry and don’t have any food.

Week 6 reflections by taiya

This week I finished our research questions. We had interviewers with inn from the cold ,mrs legmann mr walton And the food bank .

I feel my goal is going really great  because I am listening to my group positively and doing  what my group aske me to do.

I used my research skills when I research.l was knowledgeable when l gave my partners some research. I went on miss hooper’s website to find some information for my group.

NS week 6 reflection.

How I feel things are going: I think that our group is doing great everyone is trying to work extra hard. We are almost done all of our questions.

The skills that I have used are communication skills because we have communicated to each other a lot. We have also discussed our mento notes regularly.

What we need to do next is double check our bibliography and check to see if all of our our questions make sense. Lastly we need to see if all of our questions are proprely answer.

MK Week 6 Reflection

I found getting along with each other was challenging because sometimes one of me and my group would fight over a question or have an attitude.

What TD skills are important throughout the process of Exhibition?
Research Skills are important because if you wanted to improve on them Exhibition would help you a lot to improve research. Thinking Skills are important throughout Exhibition because you can think deep into a question and improve on them.

How does Exhibition inspire you to take action?
Exhibition inspired me a lot because it taught me so much and gave me a lot of info and inspired me to donate to the Food Bank and help children and their families and give them money

Week 5 reflection by taiya

1. I would  Describe exhibition as a exciteing because you get to research and find information about what is happening in real life. We will take all of information and present it to the school and our parents

2. Exhibition providers us with things tools so that we can find cool things about are topic. Exhibition gives us information and ways that we can help.

3. People may not know that exhibition is actually easy. It is easy to find information. It can be hard to pick people to interview.

Mahek Reflection #5

Exhibition is important because I think that you get to learn new things about that topic that you never knew about before and you would get to experience how Exhibition is like. Another reason is you get to work with people that you have never worked with and maybe you and that person might get along well.

I think we do Exhibition because we can do a topic that we are passionate. Also I think we do it because we have a chance to show how hard we can work. Another reason is maybe because we can show our research skills and thinking skills.

The skills I have shown are communicating skills whenever I find some information and I feel like to me if it does not make sense I would ask one of my group members to read it and if it makes sense to them I would ask them what it says in their own words. I show self management skill when sometimes if my group was off task I would try staying on task and I would keep them out of trouble.