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SK Week 8 Reflection

For our poster, me and another group member split the poster paper into four sections and drew different things in each square. We drew hands in two of the squares going diagonally to show how many people care about the children who is neglected. In another square we drew a pie chart. In the centre, we are going to glue the model of the foster home that we made.

For our display, we made a small foster home with paper hands holding hearts to show our support and how much we care about the children who are getting neglected. It is a black and grey painted foster home with a hole in the front to fit the hands through.

How me and my group organized was when we were failing to paint the foster home properly and the cardboard was getting soggy because we painted it too much, we let it dry for a longer amount of time, painted it evenly, and finally finished our foster home. Another reason is when me and my group realized that time was going very fast and we were running out of time, we got started right away and started to organize. When I say “organized”, I mean that we did the things that we needed to do first, and we did the easier things last.

When one group member put too much paint on our foster home and sprayed the home with water, me and the other group members got upset because we worked very hard and had to make it dry for a longer amount of time. Finally in the end, we ended up fixing the problem and we got along very well.

JM Week 6 Reflection

I found research challenging because I couldn’t find the right information.

What TD skills are important throughout the process of exhibition thinking Skills because then we can think of what we need to right and search up.

How does exhibition inspire you to take action it inspired me by showing that I could help these kids that were getting the wrong needs and i like to help kids in a way that they shouldn’t be living. This could help my group take an action so we can help these kids.

SK Week 6 Reflection

What was challenging about the process?
I found putting things in our own words quite challenging because when there were bigger sentences and answers to our questions that we asked, it was harder to find things that still answer that question but putting it in our own words.

2) What TD skills are important throughout the process of Exhibition?
I think that all of the TD skills are important but one that really stands out is Research Skills because in order to do Exhibition, we need to research and find out things.

3) How does Exhibition inspire you to take action?
It inspires me because before I started my topic, I didn’t really pay enough attention to child neglect, but ever since I researched more and more about my topic I really started to realize how bad it can be. I want to be someone who can help these children and make a difference!

SK Reflection #5

Exhibition is important because even if we know the topic, there are still more things that could be new to us. Also, we can teach others about our topic and some of the details about it.
We do Exhibition because we want to take actions and fix the problem based on our topic. We could also reflect on why we chose our topic, for an example, I chose my topic because I know that it’s wrong, and it’s terrible for someone to do. Also, it’s to learn new things that we haven’t learned before. Also if we don’t know someone in our group, we might be able to get to know them more because you would be spending time with them and learning things about them.
Some of the skills I used throughout the process of exhibition were Research Skills because when we were researching about our topic, I was answering questions and putting them in my own words. I also used Self-Management Skills because I was focused on being on task. Also I had communication skills because whenever I found good information on our topic, I told my group.

Week 3 Reflection – Jaidyn

How do I feel things are going? I think things are going very good I think maybe I could stay on task more.

what do I need to do next time?  I need to make more work and Effort to find research and I need to do more creativity because on my pic college I was basic and I could have taken risks.

My goal? My main is thinking Skills and I think I have been using it a lot which is good because it is my goal. But I can use it a bit more I think.