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Week 6 Reflection

What positive attitudes did I use?

I used cooperation because me and my partners when we were listening back to the recordings one person would type and another one would have it playing.

I also used Curiosity because well we were doing our interview we would have to ask your questions and if you thought of another question you would have to  ask it.

What attributes did I use?

I used communicator because I would have to talk to my partner about actions. I also had to be open minded about what action ideas my partner had.

What did I do this week?

This week I listened to the recording of the interview. I also did a Skype call with sfriesen, I also interviewed the super indented. I also started a script for our action which is a mock ted talk.



Week 4 Reflection


What new discoveries have I made?

One discovery I have made is that the Japan school system has been described as “perfect”.

Another discovery I have made is that the Finland school system is the greatest in the world.

what questions did I ask?

I asked questions about inerveiws and iphelp with interveiw questions.

I aslo asked questions for websites.