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Week 6 reflections

My first goal is going better witch is my righting ( printing )  my printing is doing better bye me practice at my house and my grammar is doing better when I speak I speak clear but I should still practice on my righting a bit more.

During exhibition I will not lie I sometimes get off task bit the last two weeks I will not be near my friends . Or some other kids who are silly

What have I done is I finished my reasech and also starting to call people I called two people goef snider and CBI Heath center.

what I need to do next is to call more people like the university of Calgary a trainer.



Week five reflections

Exhibition starts off easy bye getting the easy things done like  key concepts  then it starts getting harder doing reasecsh and if was hard  question. And for 12 weeks you have to work 2 hours for reaseach or other.

Exhibition provide us for later things for middle school for projects for choosing a topic. Or even high school  science projects  or drama class or art class to

people might think exhibition is easy but its hard 12 weeks of hard working  the last three weeks is you have to work hard. You got to listen to your partners for ideas to.

Week 3 reflection

I used commitment when we were stuck on a question cause I never gave up

i showed independence one day because on Tuesday trey was sick so I had to work on it by myself

i showed integrity when we did research because we told the truth and didn’t plagurise

i showed cooperation when we were researching because one of use did one thing the other did another thing

Week 1 reflections

I’m excited for working with trey because we are both hockey players and want to learn more about concussions.  how they affect your brain. I’m also excited for doing the presentation at the end


I hope this will be fun and trey can get a model of a skull with a fake Brain


this is important to me because I play hockey so I don’t want to get a concussion when I play and I want to spread awareness

Week 1 reflections

I’m excited for.

to finish pwex18 and to finish it with Heiden. And have fun

i hope.

our group is going to make it and I hope that the $700 dollar fake skull

this is important to me because.

i play hockey and I want to learn how concussions effect and I don’t want a concussion and want to learn how  the human brain and hope other people learn to