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Dear Future Grade 5 student

Dear Future Grade 5 student,

Hi, I’m Mikayla from 5T, I am writing to you to tell you about exhibition. For exhibition my topic was Mighty Neighbourly and the importance of having a strong community, I worked alone, independently.

In exhibition you make your own Central Idea, lines of inquiry and concept questions. Personally I thought that the toughest time was when we had to make concept question because I knew a lot about my topic already and that can make it difficult to come up with questions. Especially because we had to come up with 50 of them.

My first suggestion is to chose a topic that your interested in. I choose this because, if you choose a topic you friend did to only be with them and your not interested it would be to have fun.

My second suggestion is when you have a tough time, try to change it. I changed mine by making new  lines of inquiry. The reason I chose this difficult time is to get you prepared for it. Most people, say that the toughest time was arguing with group members or the research, I didn’t go through those difficult times because I worked alone, and I didn’t  have a tough time for research because online there was nothing for my topic.

My third suggestion is to don’t waste time, time flies! The reason why I chose this is because throughout exhibition all of our time goes by in a blink of an eye. Do everything your supposed to.

The most exciting part is when you present! Don’t get nervous just do it!

I hope this helps you for exhibition.

sincerley, Mikayla

Week one exhibition reflection

Week one reflection

My topic is Mighty Neighborly.

This topic is important to me because I think that it is good for the community to know each other more and since Mighty Neighborly can create relationships that can simple bring the community together.

I’m excited about the presentation at the end of exhibition because I really like presenting.

I hope that I get all of my research done and that I don’t fool around.

Some questions that I asked today where why did Mighty Neighborly start? And, Is there another way they could take action in Mighty Neighborly?

I think that things in exhibition has been going well because we have been doing pretty straight forward things like asking questions, making lines of inquiry etc…