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Week Six Reflection.

Reflect on your exhibition goals. GOAL: using my time wisely.                               I think I’m working on my goal good and I don’t  talk to others when it’s exhibition time. I also think it going good because if I was talking to others we wouldn’t have enough research or work done. 

What skills have I used?   (Question prompt # 1)                                                                                                                                     I think I have used my cumunication skills speaking because I try to get my ideas included and try to participate in group discussion. 

How I feel things are going?  (Question prompt # 2)                                                                                         I think it going not that well but not that bad so kind of in the middle. It’s in the middle because sometimes my group members don’t work well with me and when I tell them to please stop they don’t but sometimes they do stop. 

Week 5 exabition

How would you describe exabition                                                                                                           At the beginning we have to make asental agreement idea to follow and to look at to remind what the expectations are. Then we start to put down what we already know aboutour topic then you start to think of questions that you want to learn about. You will put random questions on the page and eventually your group and you will decide which eight or less/more questions you and your group will work on. Then you will research and learn about your topic. After a few weeks of research you start working on your presentation and when we are ready we have a special day to present all the information we found out. You will present to the school and to your parents. Then when we are done the last thing you need to do is reflect on this project and how things were going in you  group.

What does exabition provide us                                                                 Exabition helps us when we will go off to middle school and in your future. One way exabition will help us is when we grow old and we just take interest sources we could be in big trouble. Another way it helps us is with our skills. One skill it helps us with is our research skills helping us how to write things in our own words. Another skill it helps us improve on is our presentation skill for when we need to present to the school and to our parents.

what is something that people might not know about exabition                           One thing that people might not know about exabition is that when we are at the end of exabition, when you finish the research, you need to present to your family and your school friends. Another thing people might not know about exabition is how we present to the school and how we will present to our parents and family’s. What I mean is how will you prepare the presentation and present to everyone




What’s Exhibition Like?

How Would You Describe Exhibition?

A long process of reasearching. Also a long time working with a group. It also gets hard sometimes and  frustrating because your group,members might not be cooperating with you .Exhibition is a time we’re you get to use skills to help you in the future. It gives you the opportunity to interview people older than you.

What Does The Exhibition Provide With?

Exhibition provides you with a mentor who helps you out during the ten week process of exhibition. Exhibition also provides you with interviews websites and books. You can also bring your own sources for reasearch.It gives us the chance to use our social skills cumunication skills and thinking skills.It also lets us use the attributes and attitudes principled, cooperation, enthusiasm, responsiblity, thinker and risk-taker.

Whats Something People Might Not Know About Exhibition?

Something people might not know about Exhibition is citing your sources (bibliography). Something you also might not know is everyone gets to see your showcase also exhibition is a really long process. At first exhibition is really easy after it gets harder. It also lets you have the chance to use attributes attitudes and transdisplinsry skills. The fun and easy part is showcase!

Week 5 Reflections~Sarah

How would you describe exhibition?

Exhibition is choosing a very special topic that you want to focus on for ten weeks, you will have to come up with questions and find research for them, exhibition is really important because as your reasearching you have to check if that information is true, sometimes in exhibition you have bad relationships with the members in your group and  that relationship can get dragged into working together in exhibition, after all of the research and all of the weeks of working on your exhibition  you get to finally present in front of a lot of people that you may not know and it can be nerve racking but after a couple presentations you’ll get used to it.

What does the exhibition provide us?

Exhibition provides us to learn things that we might not know throughout all the time that we have for the research and it helps us get prepared for higher grades and it helps us get prepared for jobs later on in life.

What is something that people might not know about exhibition?

People might not know that in exhibition its not always easy because some days might feel really long and some days might feel really short and sometimes you don’t understand some of the research that you find.