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Dear Future Grade 5 students

dear grade 5 students

I am a grade 5 students and I am writing to tell you hope you have a good year and exhibition is a hard job but don’t get mad or talk to other groups it just make your run out of time which is never a good thing.

My first suggestion is make sure that when you are doing it to the parents to not make a mistake. The reason I chose this was because parents know lots.

I hope this helps you in exhibition because that is a important project.

best wishes


dear future grade 5s

Dear future grade 5s

hi I am Anthony And my topic for exhibition was sport concussion  and my partners were remy  and Arjun and I am writing this letter because I am going to tell you tips for exhibition/thing that you sould do and not do.


My first suggestion is not to fight with your group because if you do you won’t get much work done and then when you presentat in the future you won’t have much information for example both of my partners for exhibition  and they did not get a lot of work done.


my second tip/suggestion is not to talk to other groups because you and other group will possibly get mad at each other because both of you guys would not have as much work done and one example is one of my partners talked to other groups and then we got mad at each other.


my third tip/suggestion is  to separate the group and chooses what to work on and then you want get mad at your partners because if you don’t you won’t get a lot of information if you work on the same thing and a example of this is my group did it and we got a lot more information when we did this.

hope you guys do a good job





Final reflection

 I choose this because my group made it interactive.

What is the biggest challenge you faced during the process of Exhibition?      the biggest challeng was researching because my group was fooling around.
How did you work to solve or overcome that challenge? Me and my group keeped reminding each other so we would stay on topic.
What have you learned about yourself since being involved in Exhibition?       i learned that I have good communication skills and I used that when I prsentated and when I was talking to my group
What was the most important, interesting or meaningful aspect of Exhibition for you? Why? The interviews were  important because they said things that I didn’t know.
What would you do differently, or be more mindful of if you could experience Exhibition again? I would make my art pice of the brain and I would change it because it dose not look like  a brain a hole bunch.
What advice and suggestions would you like to give to the students who will work through Exhibition next year? I would suggest to not fight with your partners or don’t fool around with your group and also don’t go off topic.

Week 7 reflection

We made a poster for the front of are table.

we add some pictures like nhl nfl  and we add thum to are poster.

we  finished the brain and we add some of the names .

we  started getting lots of work done we  divided and conquered with the  colouring .

Next week I am going to be nervous about if we did something wrong .

Next week I am excited about teaching people about concussions .








Week 7 creative reflection

We made a poster and draw a nhl and nfl and a soccer team because we could not find a Fifa logo.

We made a brain on the poster.

We talk with are mentor about what we are doing.

I asked my self what should we do for the staging.

The skills I used are my communication skills to talk with my group.

I am improving my staging by finishing the poster.

I’m most  nervous about presentation to all the other kids and parents.

I’m  most excited to show my parents all the work me and my group did.

Week 6

When hat is your plan: my  plan is to try know all my facts about concussions.

We  Learned: About the difference between the left brain and the right brain.

Describe your action idea if you completed when are you doing it did you go why did you pick it we are going to give advice: we are going to have our  bonus explain what are your what are you doing for your sting what is your hook how are you going to catch peoples attention what Kinzers will you have brains and we will also have some important things like facts.

Week 6 creative reflection

We  finished the concept questions.

we also made a left side of a brain for our show case.

We also did a right side of a brain to.


I need to finger out  what our action idea is.

I feel things are doing good.



are action is telling people to how to prevent concussions  and are evidence.


We are going to have a left side and a right side of a brain made out of pasta seem and what  parts of the brain concussions can effect if you get a concussion there.


Week 5 creative reflection

We interviewed some one with 8 concussions

We also worked on are concept question

We made some ideas with are mentor

I need to finish my research and then work on the station to do the presentation at

The addatudes i showed co-operation respect and creative

I had a interview with ash that had 8 concussions and he is also doing a project on concussions.

I want to work on concept questions because I think my group needs more then four or three sentences in stead of more.