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Dear Future Grade Fives Students

Dear Future Grade Fives,

Hi my name is Kelsey. During exhibition our central idea was Actions, relationships and mindsets shape the global community.  For Exhibition my topic was anxiety.

My first suggestion is to not sweat the small stuff or even the medium stuff. If you have finished somthing like a good drawing and then later lost it, then you can feel like your whole exhibition is done for, but it’s not. But if you lost somthing like your script then you are able to worry. But If somthing like that happens think back on it, mabye it was over the time limit, maybe it had unnecessary things. If not then don’t spend most of your time checking everywhere for it.

My second suggestion is that you should spend some time but not too much time with your group members. That way if you spend time with them than you can get used to them and their ways. You also know how to cheer them up when there are frustrated or upset. But if you spend too much time then you will get bored of them or eventually not like them as much.

The third thing is that you need to know is that you can do anything as long as you believe. You can do something that you might have  thought was impossible. That happens to me because I ended up making a real published book, I never thought it was impossible but it can happen. You can use this tip on either your creative price of your action, if not than almost anything else.

I hope that you got inspiration from this or you will do amazing on exhibition.

Best of Wishes, Kelsey

Dear future grade 5 students

Dear future grade 5 students,

hi my name is Abbey

And my topic is anxiety I chose this topic because I know I have anxiety and I now about one type of anxiety and my mom suggested it so I thought it was a great topic!  In the beginning you get to make a central idea our’s were actions relationships and mindsets shape the global community!

The first tip I have for you is …

1. Don’t fool around with your friends or you will loose  concentration. Concentrate on your work. Focus on what your groups  decisions please focus and concentrate if you end up in a mess like this one talking to your friends try to force yourself to get to your group.

2. Pay attention to what your group is doing their decisions and work.don’t go talking to other groups our you will miss something of what your group is doing. You get to pick your own topic but please don’t pick the same thing as  your best friends or else you will fight  or not be interested in that topic that you chose!

3. Pick a topic that you are interested in not your friends you end up fighting a lot.  Pick a topic that you are interested in maybe you will find a new friend!  The presentation can be hard but just remember to keep cool!

I hope you have a fun time in exhibition



#pwex17 week 6 reflection

9. I feel things are going good. We have been more productive during week 6   And getting more work done. Also our group is collaborating to get work done faster.

6. The skills we used are social skills because we are resolving conflicts if somebody in the group get really stressed they take a walk or relax.

8. The attribute I used is commitment because we are committed to our action and during stressful times we don’t give up. Next we always do our exhibition homework.