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Week 7 Reflections

Today I will need to finish planning and then on Monday I will bring in all the materials, I need to bring in for our showcase. This might be hard because I think I’m going up to my cabin and I don’t think I can shop near my cabin.

This Week we had an interview with an equine therapy group, and we awnsered all of our questions. We also figured out our action. Finally we’re starting to plan our showcase and get ready for Exhibition.


Week 5 reflection Emmalee

How would you describe Exhibition?

I would describe exhibition as sort of hard at times but sometimes it’s easy  when all your group members cooperate

What does the Exhibition provide us?

Exhibition provides us research skills and it teaches us how to work with people that we don’t know that well and work with people

What is something that people might not know about exhibition?

People might not know that the 10 weeks go by fast and you shouldn’t fool around just it case you don’t Finnish and you shouldn’t pick the same topic as your best friend or you might get in a fight and ruin your hole project

Week 5 Reflections

Exhibition is actually a whole process you need to research and make a good presentation, you get paired up do tons of hard research and then present everything you learn.

From  Exhibition you get better at all your TD skills for social skills you learn to cooperate and to work with other people, you learn to listen and be open-minded, you learn how to be safe on the internet and many other things.

During Exhibition you start by coming up with loads and loads of questions about your topic then you spend weeks researching them. You also need to find action you can take and people you can interview, when your done this you come up with a way to present all your research to kids at the school and adults, then you do some reflecting and your done. Once you’ve completed the whole process it’s so much stress taken off because Exhibition is really hard and stressful.



Week 1 reflection

Our main focus that have to come out of our discussion is how the animals help with anxiety or depression. Another main focus is what types of animals help with what types of anxiety or depression

I’m excited for meeting with our mentor and meeting with experts about our topic also going on field trips to meet the experts and see what they do and how it helps

I hope that we finish all our work on time and not fool around or not Finnish our work

This is important to me because my family has depression and anxiety in our family tree and my moms aunt killed herself because of depression and I want to find out what causes it and how to provent it