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Week 6 reflection

What have I done?

my group has got a lot of information from Cam Adair and my group has done more research and we did are mid point assessment.

what skills have I used?

I used communication skills and thinking skills because I need to think about questions and talk with my group.

How do I feel thing are going?

I think things are going fine because we only got 2 questions left to do and we are almost done.

Week 6 reflection-Makaila Parmar

What have I done this week?

This week I have done two interviews this week one on Monday with Jody butz and one on Tuesday with Sargent jackilan and we got lots of ideas for exhibition day.

What questions did I ask?

In my interview I asked lots of questions like how did the fire start In fort mcmurry and it was man made.

what positive attitudes did I show this week?

I used caring and responsibility when we where doing are interviews because I did not walk out or say “thanks a lot not”but I dint do that I was caring and responsible.

My update for this week is that there are 3 more weeks in till exhibition day so we got to finish on time and I think we will.

Week 6 Reflection

What questions did I ask?

The questions I asked is some reasearch questions that we need to answer and we only have a few left to answer. Another question I asked is should we sit somewhere else this place is disturbing.


How do do I feel things are going?

I think things are going pretty well we have two more  questions to answer. Also we stay on task to get questions done so we can be successful in exhibition.





Exhibition reflection week 6


What skills did I use? I used responsibility skills by staying on task. and doing my work.

I also did cooperation skills by helping others. And also talking to others.



how did I feel how things are going? I feel things are okay but not to good but it’s pretty good.

I feel there not the best because not all of us are staying on task all the time.


Update A update is us deciding our action. And also I helped answering our research questions. And also we are almost finished our research questions.



Week 6 reflection

my exhibition goal is to work on my presentation skills so that when I am presenting for exhibition people can understand me. I think that my goal is going well and that it will apply later in exhibition.

I feel like everything Is going well with exhibition are research is pretty much done and we are starting to think of are stand and going to city council.

Next we need to start making are stand and some thing for are stand. Are mentor is trying to get us an interview with  Mel phot and we are going to city council to president that they should be more  considerate  of the disabled. 

Week 6 Reflection

What do you do next?

Next I have to go through the interviews and jot down notes. I also have to do more research and start thinking ahead.

What questions did I ask?

some questions I asked for citizens on patrol “what do you do differently than police? How long have you been established?” Some questions I asked for police officers were “what happens if someone pleads guilty in court but there isn’t enough evidence for the case? How do crimes connect?”

Week 6 Reflection

1.I feel things are going well but I haven’t got a interview yet but I’m probably going to have one on Monday so I think it is going well. I also think that my research is going well it has a lot of detail in it now.

2.I have done a lot of research and I have got more answers done for my questions I have in my research doc. I have also made a survey for people to answer about the legalization of marijuana.

Lindsay Week 5 and 6 Reflections

Week 5 (above)

Week 6 (below)

I found coming up with interview questions challenging because we researched most of our questions for a nurse.
TD skills that are important in Exhibition are Research skills, Self Management skills, Communication skills & Thinking skills.
Exhibition inspires me to tell everyone about immunizations and my action is making a book about immunizations.

Exhibition Reflection Week 6


What questions did I ask? A question I asked was what research question are you doing? And also I asked where should we sit? I asked my group these questions.


What have I done? I have done some research questions. I also looked for websites we can use to get information. And also We had a mentor meeting.

Update we decided on a action to do. And also we are finishing research questions.