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Week 9 reflections

One discovery I have made is that exercise can lose your depression because  it released something called endorfens that make you happy. Also it will put you in a good mood.

one thing I have done is finished my presentation which was on the power of exercise. Also my presentation was by the gym and was a success. Also I have done my action which is going onto cougar news.

 what questions did I ask? some questions I asked was how can exercise be beneficial to you and how does exercise lose your depression? I figured those questions out in exhibition.

Week 6 Exibithion Reflection

1. The questions I asked are about exercise and how you get a the matirials to exercis also how douse it feel to own a gym and how hard is it. And things if you exercise to much what will happen and how you get ages and pain.

2. The positive atitudes i used are appreciation because I appreciate my group and I be nice to them, independence when we split up I have to work on my own to get my work done, cooperation I use this when I get information I tell my group and we cooperate and see if it’s fake,respect to my group if they get things wrong we don’t get mad at eachother and then we work together on that website and confidence when I change things and sort them and when I put things in my own words

3. The skills I used are reasearch skills when I find my information from different websites communication skills for when we get stuff we communicate about it to see if it’s fake. Self-Management skills for when we use our organization so we can organize our work in our folders so we know where it is. And time management so we can get our work in on time

Pwex17 week 6 reflections

1. I have done my research and moving on to the action side of things and our action is cougar new and we are going to talk about our topic the power of exercise.

2.this is what we are going to do next we are gong to pick a place in the school and we were discussing that we were going to be using half of the gym.

3.i used all the communication skill and research skill because I was collecting data and recorded data to not copyright another people’s work.