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Week seven reflections

what question did I ask… why is exhibition just so hard?  How is my  presentation going to look like?  I wonder where we are going to be for exhibition ?  Is my group still going to get along or is it going to get harder for my group to be nice ?

how do l feel things are going…I think that things have been going good with my group because we’ve all been excited for dressing up and designing the Exhibition table so we are all happy and we’ve been risk- takers  because we’ve all tried something that was hard for us but we did it at the end. Like when  our group would do something research but then We would think that they were done but we  weren’t so then it would be a big mess and then we would have to start over because we  would forget all of it but like I said it worked out at the end .

Week Six reflections


My goal is writing it is going  well  because Sophia is helping me with writing and Alex to and  we have been to one  Interview on Thursday today is Friday and I got two interviews at the seniors home. So that means that we will be video takeing and writing to.

last we went to an interview at a senior’s home. We talked to seniors and managers. They told us all about seniors and prince of peace. They let pets come and live with them.

This week we have to listen to our interview videos we have to write all the information from the interviews into our research folder on google drive.

Week 5 Reflection

Exhibition is important because you get to learn how to work with people you don’t like. How It’s also important is it’s preparing you for the future because when your older you might have a job that you do lots of research.

We do exhibition because I think the school wants to prepare us for the future in work and our research skills to help us. What I also think is they are making us ready for grade 6.

Some of the skills I used throughout the process of exhibition were thinking skills. How I’m doing that is I’m thinking about my question before I answer. How I used Self management skills is, if I have to do my work I try to finish it as fast as I can with no distractions.

Weeks five exhibition group

Me and my Group Have been doing very good on our research me and Alex are done our research and Sophia and Rhiara Are almost done their research to. Anyways when me and Alex were done we get to check the interview questions for the seniors home and  supporting seniors Companies.  Now we all have our own research so we don’t have to all go on Google and find things we have our own writing.

Exhibition is hard. It is hard because you have to read lots of research. Exhibition is working in a group. You find out research about a topic (supporting seniors). Mrs Fischer is our mentor. She gives us information about seniors. She helps us organize where we are going to interview seniors. After we are done our research we move onto interviews. We use it for our exhibition showcase. Showcase is where we pick our own stand. Our parents and kids around the school come to showcase. My job during exhibition is to tell them about my project.

Exhibition provide Us with Research for Miss hooper and research  from are  Group members. Then we can look at all of the research we got.  and exhibition provide us with  answer so we can do more research or questions or more.


Something that people having no about exhibition is that seniors or lot more important than grown-ups or kids to think because lotta them have friends bad sickness is not like the chickenpox I have very bad ones it sometimes can’t go away so if we all start helping them we can make a difference in the world and  there’s another way to make peace to everyone.