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Week 2 Reflections

I did my mentor meeting today and made up questions for interview and did  not remember some of my questions so he suggested to remember and write down.

I use thinking and communication skills to solve problems with my group for our questions.

something I need to do is remember most of my questions during my mentor meeting and work a bit more independent sometimes.


Week one Reflection

My main idea is to help people stay away from drugs because they can make you feel weird . My second main idea is to take good drugs because it helps by not making you sick.

I am excited for researching because you get to learn more about your topic.

I hope people will be smart by saying away from drugs then people will stop doing bad drugs.

This is important to me because we can lean about the topics.



Week 1 Reflection

My main focus/idea is to learn more about drugs and what can do to you and show people what it can affect your life and how it can spread through a community.

Im excited to present to people and shown awareness about good and bad drugs to help people prevent from getting ill.

I hope that people take some advice and to not harm your body and harm others because anyone that take drugs is risk to some people to spread diseases.

This is important because drugs was a big thing in 2016-2017 and possibly can happen in 2018 so if you tell people not to do this it will prevent bad health and diseases.