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Week ten reflections

What are you proud of?                                                                                                                                  Getting through the research because we did not listen to one another when we did our research and then slowly get into fights with each other. We got to the end of exabition and I am proud that we did all that hard work and got up here. Even though we had fights we did hard work to get up to the presentation part and the reflection part.

How is exhibition different then other projects you’ve done in the past?                                                         Because during exhibition we need to make lots of improvements and not just one improvement we need to fix things like making our showcase stuff until everyone agrees with what we have. Another thing to add on with is when we need to present to our family’s and our school friends, we have to repeat what we say again and again instead of presenting all at one

Do you feel your message inspired your audience?                                                                                 I think they might have been inspired but I think they might get more inspiration when we finish making our comic book so then they can add on and try to help the world be a better place to live.

now that you have experienced exhibition what will you take with you to apply to projects in the future?                                                                                                                                                               I am going to take my research skills with me because I still need to work on note taking and writing information in my own words. Also I will continue working on my presentation skills because I still struggle on presenting in front of a crowd of people.

how did working with a mentor support your learning learning?                                                                                         Without our mentor we would not have been able to sort out our work and not keep track of our learning. With our mentors support we would have al been at different stages and not know what we ar doing.

Week 10 Reflections~Sarah

I am proud that I worked on Exhibition for ten weeks and I got a lot of information under my questions for research and the research that we found we then used for our actual presentation, I’m also proud that even though we got into fights we talked to each other and we told each other that we can’t bring this fight into Exhibition and so we got over it quickly and didn’t bring it into exhibition after the conversations.

Exhibition is different from the projects that I have done in the past because the other projects that I have done only take a couple weeks but you have to work on exhibition for 10 weeks and in exhibition you have to get lots of information under your topic but for the projects that I have done before you only a little bit of information.

I feel that my message in the presentation did inspire some people because as I was saying my opinion about what I thought about gender equality people would nod their heads and say “I agree” and add on to what I was saying.

Now that I have gone threw Exhibition I feel that I can carry on the skills that I have learned because as I’m older and I’m in a job I am prepared for going to meetings and I’m also prepared for example if I’m selling a product or if I work somewhere and I need to have an advertisement for it I need to prepare for it and work on the information under the advertisement and I need to prepare my lines on what I’m going to say which exhibition helps us prepare for those things.

My mentor has helped us with our information because he gave us websites, even though ms hooper gave us websites we didn’t get all the information we needed and our mentor helped us with our research and he also helped us because we got into a lot of fights and he talked to us and told us how to problem solve.

Reflections Part One.

What are you proud of.                                                                                                 I’m proud of completing exhibition and doing it really good I’m proud that our showcase wasn’t a complete flop. In the beginning I thought that it wouldn’t work out good but it went really good.

How is Exhibition different than other projects you’ve done in the past.           Exhibition is different then other projects becuase in exhibition you do research questions, lines of inquiry, essential agreement, action, creative piece, interviews,. In other projects there aren’t these many steps.

Do you feel your message inspired your audience.                                             I feel our message inspired the audience becuase the poster we made we thought was really powerful.The 50/50 poster was the most powerful because it was simple and represented that there both men and female equal.

Now that you’ve experienced exhibition what will you take with you to apply to future projects.                                                                                               Now that I’m done exhibition I will use the skills cumunication skills becuase when I’m older I’m going to need to cumunication when I get a job or during school. I will also use thinking skills becuase i would need to think about my decision in futhor during school or when I’m older and need to make decisions.

How did working with a mentor support your learning.                                I think it helped becasuse our mentor gave us useful websites that we wouldn’t be able to find without our mentor. Our mentor also helped us with our interview questions and making them easier to answer.  

week eight reflections

my group is finished research and we have put in our interview research into our document in google drive. This week we have been busy working on our two posters and trying to finish  what we need to say when we are presenting.

Next we need to start practising what we need to say for when we will be presenting and also practicing the questions the grade four students had given us to practice for whenwe present.


Week 8 Reflections~Sarah

1. I feel that things are going well with our action and our art piece for the actual presentation because we got told that yesterday was our last day of working on our art piece for the presentation. We got it done really quickly and we did a good job of making it creative.

2. The attribute I showed this week was communicator because I got to communicate my ideas with my group a lot this week. My group had to discuss a lot about what we are going say for the presentation and what type of facts we are going to say to them. We also had to discuss a lot about what we are going to do for our art piece and what types of materials we will need for the art piece.

Week seven

What positive attitudes did I show?                                                                                                             I showed creativity when we were planing on how our action idea should look like. We all had different ideas for the action idea but it was hard to choose one idea so we took a little bit of each idea to make one big one.

What attributes did I use?                                                                                                                              I was a thinker when we had to think of our action idea. Also, when we needed think to find a way to mix in all our ideas. I was also a thinker when my group tried to think of all the materials we needed for our action idea to make it. And now we are planning.

Week 7 Reflections.

My creatve piece video 

How DId I Use These Attributes?                                                                           
 I used the Attributes communicator and thinker. I used the Attribute communicator when I speak my ideas or when I listen to others ideas. I listen and speak during exhibition when we were deciding on our action, or when we were also deciding our creative piece. I work on being a thinker by thinking of ideas for action or our creative piece. 

What Do I Need To Do Next?                                                                                       What I need to do next is to finish my action with my group and we need to do our creative piece. So next week we need to bring in our materials for our creative piece and we might have to take our action home to finish.

Week 7 Reflections~Sarah

1. I feel things are going well because we have gotten a lot of information under our questions and we’re done researching and I feel that things are also going really well because we work together as a group, even if we get into fights we get back together and we sort our problems.

Me and my group just need to start creating our actions and start thinking about our presentation and then start creating what we are going to have for the presentation and we also have to think about what we are going to say for the actual presentation and how we are going to get prepared

Week six

One goal is to wright my information in my own words this goal has been working good for a few of the sources but not all. One because the source does not make sense to me. When I under stand the website it is much easier too write the information in my own words then when I don’t.

My other goal is to write my information in note’s so that it is easier for me to go and write it in sentences. This goal has been going good, I am still working on it and am better at it.

one skill I used is is my self management skills. I organized my research and put in the correct spots rather then just throwing information in. My entire group was organized and/or sorted out.

My group has been working hard and we had not a lot of problems for the past week and we have been working hard to stay on task


Week Six Reflection.

Reflect on your exhibition goals. GOAL: using my time wisely.                               I think I’m working on my goal good and I don’t  talk to others when it’s exhibition time. I also think it going good because if I was talking to others we wouldn’t have enough research or work done. 

What skills have I used?   (Question prompt # 1)                                                                                                                                     I think I have used my cumunication skills speaking because I try to get my ideas included and try to participate in group discussion. 

How I feel things are going?  (Question prompt # 2)                                                                                         I think it going not that well but not that bad so kind of in the middle. It’s in the middle because sometimes my group members don’t work well with me and when I tell them to please stop they don’t but sometimes they do stop.