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Exhibition Week 6 Reflection

What do I need to do next ?

Next My group and me are going to be working on what we can do for are Action. And we are also going to be working on what are display is going to look like. Last but not least we are going to be working on actual doing are action not just planing are action.

What new discoveries have I made ?

Some new things or facts that I have discoverer are you that there is no knowen cure for cerebral palsy. There are different stages of cerebral  palsy like some people with Cerebral palsy maybe able to walk but some other people with cerebral palsy they could need more help and they can not walk so they have a weelchair that they sit in and also sometimes people that can walk they still need a walker.

What Question did I ask ?

Some Questions that I asked for are interview were what is it like having cerebral palsy. What challenges do you face on a daily basics. What are your favourite subject.

Week 4 reflections

which attributes have I used?

communicator, thinker, and open-minded


How have I used these atteibutes?

communicator: I can communicate my ideas, as well as communicating to my group and others.

thinker: I have used my brain to resolve conflicts, make good descisions, and   think of different ideas.

open-minded: I have listened to my group, and I have heard some ideas that  better than my own.

What questions did I ask?

here are five of our interview questions:

When you give a child with CP a bike, what emotions do you see?

Do you have certain therapy games you play with the children?

Is it hard to take care of a child with Cerebral Palsy?

Can people volunteer with the musical therapy and the horticulture?

Do you have a barrier-free home? If so, what is the layout?