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Jason Weekly Reflections #5

Exhibition is important because we find a problem in the world and we need to tell others people about this problem because not many people know some of these problems. Also in exhibition their is something called a action bank and we would do a action that is about your topic. It’s also important because we need to solve the problems.

We do exhibition because we need to tell other people about the problem. We also do it for more knowledgeable. Also we do it so we can be more cooperative with people that we don’t really know.

Some of the skills I used throughout the process of exhibition were self management skills because I never get told to get to work and I don’t fool around. Thinking Skills because I thought about interview questions. I also used Social Skills because I was cooperating with my group. Research Skills because I researched on my topic. Also Communication Skills I communicate to my group when I need help on something.

PWEX Week 5 Reflections

What Is Exhibition?

Exhibition is a really big project where you have to use different skills with different things. You have to have a good fit partner so you don’t argue or fight. In the research stage there has been a lot of sources that our librarian has given us. In the interview stage you have to think about all the questions that you have to ask your interview sources. After all, Exhibition is really fun!


Exhibition is exciting and fun at the beginning then it gets harder as you go on and it gets really stressful and hard. You have to use a lot of skills like Thinking Skills, Research Skills, And Communication Skills .

Exhibition provides us with some extra knowledge and we get some more information that we might not have known about the topic. It also provides us with resources that we can use to help us.

Some people might not know that Exhibition is harder than you think, and that it goes by really fast.





Jason’s Week 3 Reflections

What I have done? What I have done was insert the key concept question to our guide book then we check the questions that we made then we transfer the question to our research page that we made and did a little of research.

What I need to do next? What I need to do next is to research about the question that we made. Also think of organization me and Kyle P can connect with.

My goal is participating. I think I achieved the goal because I shared lots of ideas.

#pwex 18 Week 3 reflections

One attribute that I have showed is responsibility when I took responsibility with the research books.

Jason and I have started our research after we got permission on our research questions.

I feel things are going well but it is sometimes when we can’t connect our research with the key concept questions.

Week two Reflections Jason

 What have I done? Me and my partner was thinking of questions for our topic then we picked our top 16 question for out topic. The highlighted questions are the top 16 questions.

What do I have to do next? What me and my partner have to do next is to copy and paste our top 16 question to me or my partner’s guidebook. Then we need to research.

My exhibition goal is risk taker. How I am doing with the goal is good because I participate in my group. How I can improve my goal is to participate more.

Week 2 creative reflection

These are the questions that Jason and I created for research. We had to connect the questions to the key concepts. Then we had to pick our best 2 from each concept and those are our research questions.

This is a pic collage of what I think exhibition is going with my group and my topic and questions that connect to my topic and key concepts.

Week 1 Reflections

Describe what are your main ideas/focus that have come out of your discussions this week (2-3 sentence). My main idea is comparing USA civil rights and Canada. I chosed this because I wanted to see the big difference of Canada civil rights and USA civil rights. (My idea because Kyle P was not here.)

“I’m excited for ……”  Finding  out the big difference of Canada and USA.

”I hope….” I find a way to make USA civil rights good as Canada.

“This is important to me because……” I want people to have the same rights even if they have a different skin color.