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Central idea creation

This week has been busy as Grade 5 students have been brainstorming potential Central Ideas (CI) of our Exhibition Unit of Inquiry, under the Theme: Who We Are. The last few years we’ve asked our Grade 5 students to create the CI to encourage their student voice and ownership of the process in Exhibition.

We began by learning about the elements to consider when creating a CI. After viewing several different examples of CI’s, students discussed the important concepts that are evident in each CI.

From here, students were in small groups and began creating concept maps under the theme of Who We Are. They were asked to identify important conceptual elements from this theme and once they had several concepts identified, they used those to help create their first drafts of their CIs.

The gift of time was evident as students were able to discuss and share their thoughts, receive support from various teachers that were circulating in their learning space and they eventually chose ONE CI that they would put forth to the rest of the grade 5 students to gather feedback and edits.

After a quick body and wellness break, the students put on their constructive feedback hats. Using sticky notes, they circulated to all of the newly created CI’s and gave their constructive critiques and feedback on the statements in order for groups to improve upon their CI’s in their second iteration.

After the group received some critical feedback, they evaluated and discussed common themes and what pieces of advice they would adhere to. They took suggestions from their peers and made any appropriate edits. This second iteration of their CI’s were shared with their own class the following day. As a larger group, they discussed the pros and cons of each CI and eventually voted for the top pick from their class to enter into the final vote for all of grade 5. The 3 final Central Ideas will be voted on tomorrow to determine what the Central Idea will be at the PYP Exhibition (#pwex18). Stay tuned to find out what the Central Idea will be for our Exhibition journey.

CI survey final vote


Dear future grade 5 students

Hi my names Olivia,  I’ve got some tips and tricks to help you with Exhibition. 

Firstly you’ve got to know that Exhibition is such a great experience. Exhibition teaches you how to have real conversations with people and how to present to people you might not even know. What you get to do in Exhibition is go on interviews, field trips, you get 9 weeks of research And much much more.

One of a really big things in Exhibition is don’t pick the same topic as your friends because it can make your whole experience in Exhibition not very good because you will not follow codes of behaviour, not get your work done on time and dissapoinnt group members. Also follow your  group essential agreement. Researching for 9 weeks can seem like a very long time but it’s not especially if you fool around.

when you have all of your facts and research the showcase will be pretty easy you will have a practice run with the grade 4’s. If you mess up don’t make it obvious because no one will know that you messed up they haven’t heard your presentation yet. If you see any of your friends during a presentation don’t try an act cool and start fooling around to impress them. You will be getting feedback on your work. Exhibition is a very big deal but still very exciting.

Remember to bring a water bottle,dress professionally and GOOD LUCK.

Sincerely, Olivia


To the future grade 5 students

Dear grade 5 student,

here are some tips and tricks for exhibition

1. First of all don’t fool around you will fall behind.

2. On exhibition day be there to present with your group, it’s not so stressful after you present to one group of people.

3. Choose a topic you are into, If you don’t choose a topic you are into you wil have a lot of fun working and don’t choose a topic just because your best friend is in it.

4. Includ all your groups ideas.

5. If you have a mistake don’t show it, carry no one will notice.

6. If your getting alittle bord ask if you can take alittle walk but not too long

7. Don’t make it so you need all your ideas in everything let other have there ideas too but don’t have no ideas ether.

8. Don’t have a lot of arguments it wastes time.

9. Don’t always be the boss let others take the lead.

10. Make shure you have fun along the proses.

good luck during exhibition

From. Trinity

Dear Grade 5 Students

Dear Grade 5 Student,

Hello my name is Ferozudin my topic was Healthy Eating.

Here are the advice I have for you through Exhibition.

1. First of all try to not get a topic with your friends because you guys will not be friends anymore from the arguments. Try to get a topic that will inspire you.

2. Secondly don’t fool around or you will waste time on your show case or getting research. Then after when you are done researching you won’t have that much research. If you are doing a show case you won’t be done doing it just because of fooling around.

3. Next while your doing your prenentation when you or your group member does a mistake while the presentation try to hide it or else the people who are watching you will be confused.

4. Next try to pick a topic you don’t know about because if you pick a topic you do know about Exhibition will be not interesting to you but if you pick a topic you don’t know about you will research about it and you will get more information to teach or show people a both it when it’s the presentation.

5. Lastly Exhibition is not scary  don’t get too nervous when Exhibition starts because you think Exhibition is long but it is not.

Thanks for reading and good luck.

Yours truly,


Dear Grade Five Students

Dear Grade Five Students,

My name is Shelby and I’m going to share some tips and advice for #pwex18. Hopefully these tips will help.

  1. First of all DON’T FOOL AROUND nine weeks including weekends seems like along time but it isn’t,  and you only work on #pwex18 for half of a day. You work on #pwex18 almost a month and a half.
  2. Secondly pick a topic that you now about but you don’t know to much about because you will know almost everything about the topic. Your group will ask a question and you might already know that answer to it.
  3. Third of all try to get in a group that you can work well with because if you don’t get along with them it might affect your #pwex18 presentation because if you can’t get along you might not get all of your research done on time and you might fight during your presentation.
  4. Try your hardest to get a primary source it really helps your research a lot. It also makes things easy during your presentation
  5. Don’t stress about your presentation it helps a lot if you just stay calm. If you mess up don’t make a big deal out of it just keep going cause they don’t know if you messed up or not.
  6. Memorize your script so that you can fluently presentat to the school as well as your family and friends

I hope that my tips and advice will help though #pwex18 and that you will make #pwex18 a fun time for you.



Dear grade 5 students

Dear grade 5 students my name is Evan I am going to give you some tips and triks for exhibition

1.Get as much recherse done before the time runs out because it might seen like a lot of time but it really isn’t.

2.Get as much interviews in as possible they will give you lots of information on your topic.

3.dont get in arguments with you group you won’t get as much work done as other groups.

4.Dont Rush your recearch get it done properly.

5. Weeks go by very fast

hope this will help in exhibition

synserly, Evan

Tips& tricks for gr.5 students

Dear grade 5 students,

Hello! My name is Raisa. Here are tricks & tips for when you go on your exhibition journey. The first tip & tricks is your 9 weeks will go so fast. The first few weeks are pretty slow BUT when you start researching and from there on it is super quick,  you get half days too. The second tip & trick is don’t fool around during your research, one day is a cut – off day and you MUST go into your action and staging. Also when you present you present what you have, no matter what. My third tips & trick is use time productively when your staging ( not just staging use it all the time) make your creative art piece eye catching and put effort. It is also one of the things that people would go into your station, my group was practicing for our presentation. Police came because they saw our poster was eye catching and came to us. We presented and they loved it! They also said to one of our teachers that we were penomonal. The forth tips / tricks is DO NOT read off a script! When you read a script you always look down. People want to see your faces, not your hair or top of your head. Finally, ALWAYS LOOK PROFESSIONAL! If your hair is all over your face fix it. Wear something good looking and don’t wear your pajamas during presentation night. Also bring water, you’re not going to be able to sit down or leave your station. Lastly choose a topic YOU want don’t copy your friends Topics. I know some people planned to be in a group with their best friends but it backfired on them. Next choose a topic you don’t know about. If you choose a topic you know you will probably get bored when you are researching.

Bonus: I know every single group at least had an argument and every body definitely got stressed. So here are some techniques to calm down. Take deep breaths, have a good sleep, have a walk, drink of water, and carry on with your night /day.

Yours truly,



Dear Grade 5s

Dear Grade 5 five students,


My name is Avery, My topic was Cerebral Palsy, and here are 10 pieces of advice for you to help you in Exhibition.

1. Don’t pick the same group as your friend. It’ll put you behind, because you will fool around. But some friends can work together, like last years bullying group.

2. Use the advice that the teachers and your mentor will give you. Our teachers gave our groups advice, and some didn’t use that advice. These groups didn’t turn out as well.

3. Use your time wisely! Nine weeks sounds like a lot, but it goes by really fast!

4. Don’t be afraid when you start presenting. Here are some tips for presenting: don’t read of your script, don’t get into arguments, and don’t make the script and who’s going to say what on the spot.

5. When presenting, if one of your group members (or yourself) makes a mistake, don’t make a bid deal about it. If you don’t, no one but you will know you made a mistake.

6. Don’t talk to other groups. If you do this regularly, it will set both you and that group behind.

7. Make sure you get at least two interviews/field trips, because primary sources are just that, your main/primary sources of information.

8. When doing research, try to get at least three different types of sources. Some examples: Books, field trips, interviews, and just old fashioned websites.

9. A good source of information and visual ideas would be Mrs. Hooper. You will get at least one meeting with her to get books, and she also has a check it out page for info.

10.  Make sure to have a visual that will draw people in. If you have a boring old trifold (by the way, the teachers won’t let you use one!) people won’t want to see you presentation.

Thanks for reading my letter!


Sincerely, Avery of the Cerebral Palsy group.

Tips And Trips For Grade 5 Students.

Dear grade 5 student,

my name is Lincoln. Here are five tips of advice  for this years exhibition.

  1. first of all choose a topic that you like and you are interested in so that you can have most fun and not be bored.
  2. next choose to ignore your group members or stop an argument if there is one.
  3. After you should try to stay an task instead of talk to your friends and not work.
  4. fourth you should also make sure that you are in a good spot to learn and not fool around.
  5.  Then you should try and listen to your partners/partner to there I dead and if you do not like it then say I disagree maybe we should try this… And not try and be rude and say that idea is bad.
  6.  Another thing is do not say you want to change groups because you can not change your group.
  7. Finally the last trick is to not choose a group that your friend is in you should still choose a topic that your interested into.

sincerly Lincoln.