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Week 1 Reflection

These are mine main idea’s

I’m excited for… Doing some reasearch and interviewing people because I thought it would be a great experience and I would get to know what it would be like in middle school and high school.  I’m also really excited to do some art and making samples and stuff like that. I’m also really excited to present to families.

I hope… We get accurate information, I hope we finish on time too, the one most important thing I I hope we get is good marks and present really well and with intanation. I also really hope we find good information and that we will find a lot of information so we can make a good presentation.

This is important to me because I think that creativity is important and I think using  your imagination can make you very smart. I believe that you shouldn’t be behind a textbook all day, that you should be able to learn the way you want to learn and do it outside the box.

These are me and my groups main ideas are how schools and different countries teach differently and how they show creativity in there teaching. We also wanna interview teachers and the people in charge of the teaching system. We also wanna know what they do and the classes.