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VD Dear Future Grade 5 Students

Dear Future Grade 5 Students,

My name is Vy and for Exhibition my partner and I chose Creativity in Schools for our topic. Our Central idea is Society’s Responsibility is to Build a Physically and Mentally Healthy Community. My partner and I thought of a lot of things for our Essential Agreement such as, no talking to other groups, Or being nice and honest because all of those things are very important in Exhibition.

My advice for you is to stay on task all the times because those nine weeks are very short although it might seem long it’s a very long process. My partner and I had talked to some people and that sometimes got us off task. Those times when we were off task were the moments we could’ve done something important.

Another piece of advice for you is to be open-minded when you are doing your work because if you are constantly doing your own idea, then your partner is not getting the chance to share their own ideas. The whole point of Exhibition is to show what you know and if your not being open-minded and letting people show it, then it’s practically your topic.

The last piece of advice I have for you is have fun flipping frazzle time and try to get to know your group members or member because they might be more fun than you think. Although you might have some fights and arguments but sometimes your best ideas are from arguments.

That is all the advice I have for you, I hope you find this advice helpful and do well in Exhibition. I hope you have fun and know that not everything is math and that but it’s a lot more fun than you expect.



Feedback Relfections

I think me me and my partner had really good teamwork because we always kept each other noted during our research. I also think me and my partner had really good teamwork because if one of us wasn’t here we wouldn’t let one person do the work we would find a way to do it.

I think me and my partner did a really good job on our project because we presented our research very well and our art was really good. My partner and I also did a really good job on our project because we were pretty confident and we had really good conversations with adults.

Final Blog Post

What were you proud of?

I was very proud of my art and my research because whenever I do art I always picture something in my mind and when I actually do it it turns into a mess and not even what I pictured. I was also proud of my art because it really demstrated what I wanted to show and it talked more than I did, it’s like when people see it I don’t have to talk because they already get it. I’m also proud of my research because me and my partner were having fun but also were ahead of most groups. I am also proud of my research because I could explain it and it was very well written and were no mistakes.

What was challenging?

One thing that was challenging was remembering the research because we had a lot and knowing me I don’t have a good memory. Another thing that was challenging was presenting it because it was really nerve racking and at sometimes I would get butterflies and mumble in words. Doing the art was kind’ve challenging because me and my partner sometimes messed up on things and had to restart.

What was it like to interview people? It was a really cool experiemce because I got to meet experts and I learned how hey do different things while they answered me and my partners questions. I also felt like I would be ready for jobs and how I might interview people so then I know what to do. It was also kind’ve scary because the people me and my partner interviewed seemed like scary people but in the end they were nice.

Why is it important to interview people? It’s important because you get to have different perspectives and learn different things. It’s also important because some of these questions we thought of might be a little challenging. so you can’t find any of them in books or the internet so you have to interview people.

What did you gain from this? I gained more knowledge and found out new things such as how your brain works or how it was like back 100 years ago. I also gained new knowledge of how I interviewed people and how it works. I also gained my art skills because we haven’t really done a lot of art in class and so it was fun and now I know that not everything you do has to be perfect in every you want.