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Dear future grade fives students

Dear future grade fives students.

Hi my name Trey  and our central idea was society responsibility is to build a physical and mentally healthy community and my topic was concussions in sports I chose it because I wanted to bring back some awareness about concussion so kids and adults can be more safe in what there doing I am writing a letter so I can tell you about  exhibition. Here is some advice so you can complete exhibition in a good mood.

1 my first piece of advice is be on task all the time because you will never get stuff done if you are fooling around and also don’t be around your friends because you will get off task and never get research done and research is so hard  also be aware you are because there’s something that will. Attract you to touch or play with and what you are doing find a good spot so you will not get off task.

2 second piece of advice is choose a good topic for you try not to be with your friends  because you will get in trouble if there your best friend and get off task and make sure it’s a  proper topic for you.

3 my third advice is think positive about exhaustion because if you are struggling go take a walk or find your mentor That’s in the school and ask for some help. When you have to research you questions it will get frustrating because you will probably go through ten different sites to find the answer

I hope that this help you out three important things to know about  exhibition

1 don’t get frustrated

2 have a proper action and topic

3 the most important is have fun.

Sincerely Trey Johnson.


Last reflections week 12

The biggest struggle of  exhibition is staying on task and  the erase history was really tough.  We had to go through twenty different sits and thinking for good questions.

How did you work to solve or overcome that was a challenge We move away from groups that are not focused and when I un focused I move to a different classroom. Or go for a tiny walk to the water fountain and when we came back we move to a better place and more noticed for a teacher to see us.

What have you learned about yourself since being involved in Exhibition?  I have learned my self expression to be more focused and be confident about your self and the topic. I also had my friend in my group and we were good friends at the start now we are best buds.

What was the most important, interesting or meaningful aspect of Exhibition for you? Why?  the most important of exhibition or aspect of interesting is the 9 weeks for two days  and what interesting is how the topics are vary good and lots of  researcher.

What would you do differently, or be more mindful of if you could experience Exhibition again I would not do it again because it’s a long time a plus it just for two days and you   Would get silly. And get very unfocused and probably get stressed a lot.

What advice and suggestions would you like to give to the students who will work through Exhibition next year?  Beyond task don’t be silly choose a good topic for you and don’t. Hang around friends or else you get silly and get in trouble and get no work done . and if you aren’t around her friends you’ll get work done and it would be easier for you for the rest for the nine weeks .

Week 8 reflections Trey

We have worked on our artists piece and did our poster. We smashed my old helmet for our action  but now we have to fix a little thing, our big brain thing . Now we have to focus on the exhibition part of it. We also made a thank you card for our mentor.

Our poster says “concussions in sports” we added things to do with concussions like hockey, football,  soccer, baseball, basketball and a guy getting hit by a baseball bat.

Our set up is planned out for exhibition.  We are having an egg head display and filling it half with water and one egg and shaking it. This shows how a concussion can happen and also have our action ready in place we ask people what is wrong with this helmet

Our challenges where our artists piece we can’t have it up for a long time it will fall and break . Our successful times was where we got things done and not letting it get it destroyed by  other kids and we make sure it was good and strong and can bring people to our presentation.

Week 7 reflections

what did I do  we started to plan  what our set up is going to look like and  have our poster (logo) for  exhibition and got our research done an calls done.  And we got our action done our action is have  proper  Helmets

what we need to do next is make a fake brain made out of  Plasastine and  start Colouring the poster. And starting to bring in things and finish the poster with little more things to connect with concussions.

During exhibition I will stay on task and encourage members to do the same.


Week 6 reflections

My first goal is going better witch is my righting ( printing )  my printing is doing better bye me practice at my house and my grammar is doing better when I speak I speak clear but I should still practice on my righting a bit more.

During exhibition I will not lie I sometimes get off task bit the last two weeks I will not be near my friends . Or some other kids who are silly

What have I done is I finished my reasech and also starting to call people I called two people goef snider and CBI Heath center.

what I need to do next is to call more people like the university of Calgary a trainer.



Week five reflections

Exhibition starts off easy bye getting the easy things done like  key concepts  then it starts getting harder doing reasecsh and if was hard  question. And for 12 weeks you have to work 2 hours for reaseach or other.

Exhibition provide us for later things for middle school for projects for choosing a topic. Or even high school  science projects  or drama class or art class to

people might think exhibition is easy but its hard 12 weeks of hard working  the last three weeks is you have to work hard. You got to listen to your partners for ideas to.

Week 1 reflections

I’m excited for.

to finish pwex18 and to finish it with Heiden. And have fun

i hope.

our group is going to make it and I hope that the $700 dollar fake skull

this is important to me because.

i play hockey and I want to learn how concussions effect and I don’t want a concussion and want to learn how  the human brain and hope other people learn to