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Dear Future Grade 5 Students

Dear Future Grade 5 Students,

Hi my name is Tiffany. In my opinion Exhibition was fun and stressful at the same time. I had fun but in the end when it came to showcase I was stressed and nervous. Our Central Idea was “Society’s responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community”. My topic was“ The Effects of Child Neglect” I chose this because I wanted to find a solution to this issue.

One piece of advice is to work well with your group mates because Exhibition involves a lot of teamwork. If you don’t work well with your group you might not get as much work done as you hoped you would. My group and I we didn’t work well at times and we wasted a bit of time doing this.

Another piece of advice is to work hard because if you don’t you might not have enough work to talk about during the showcase. Remember to try not get distracted as much. You should get lots of work if your working hard.

My last piece of advice is to remember to reread your information. When it comes to exhibition you won’t have anything to read off of. If you do it will help you when it comes to showcase so you will have lots to talk about.

Anyways good luck on Exhibition! I hope you get lots of work done and do well at showcase!! Remember to work hard!!

Best wishes,


Final Reflection – Tiffany

My biggest challenge during exhibition was during the exhibition night. I overcame it by thinking that I could do it and eventually I did it.

My goal of showing more curiosity was kind of achieved. Evidence of this is when I helped the group think of questions for exhibition.

The most Important aspect of exhibition was that it helped people work together and get along sometimes. It helps people work with new people.

If I could experience exhibition again I would fill in the negative space because on our poster we had a blank square and we had a lot of space.

I have learned that I am a perfectionist and I expect my work to be the best I am capable of doing. I know this because when we were doing the poster me and Safiyah both wanted it to be perfect and we kept erasing and redoing the stuff.

Final Blog Post – Tiffany

I am proud of…

I am proud of us for making it this far with a fair amount of research to talk about.

It was challenging when…

It was challenging to sometimes put stuff into our own words because sometimes there wasn’t a synonym that fit into the sentence. It was challenging because there wasn’t always a synonym for the word we were looking for. I was also challenging to find research because we didn’t always find research to answer the questions.

It was _____ to interview people….

It was amazing interviewing people and experts on our topic because they knew more things than what we knew. It was also exciting to interview them because we wanted to know more and learn more things about our topic. It was actually really fun interviewing.

It is Important to interview people because…

It is important to interview people because they might know more than you do. By interviewing you can learn a lot more about your topic. When you interview more people your more likely to get more research to talk about.

I gained _____ from this…

I gained more knowledge about this topic. I gained more knowledge on the issue so I can help the people in this situation.

Week 8 Reflection – Tiffany

My group and I made a poster. It wrote “Child Neglect” on the top of the page. The top left and bottom right squares had hands on them. I’m very proud of our group that we’ve gone this far into exhibition. We also made a 3D model of a foster home. It was pretty hard to make and it’s not perfect but it looks pretty good. We had Mrs. Gowda for our mentor and I am thankful that she took her time out of her day to help us out with our work. She was nice enough to work with us and guide us through exhibition. She helped us a lot with the work we had and without our mentor I don’t think we would have made it this far. Thank you Mrs. Gowda so much for helping us for guiding us!!!! We made a Pic Collage about how thankful we are to have our mentor.

Week 3 Reflection – Tiffany

How do I feel things are going?                                                                                    I think me and my group are doing great with managing our work. We are finishing our work mostly on time.

What skills did I use?                                                                                   I used research skills and communication skills a lot this week. I used research skills and communication skills by researching information and communicating with my group.

My goal…                                                                                                      My goal was to be more curious. I think I can ask more questions to achieve being more curious. 


Week 1 Reflection – Tiffany

Describe Your Main Idea/Focus From Your Discussions This Week… 

Our main focus was on Child Neglect/Homeless Youth. So first we weren’t brief enough and we did child neglect .  Since we had to make our topic more brief we wrote down every child’s needs and now we are doing Child neglect/ homeless youth.

I’m Excited For….

I’m excited to find lots of information to work with because I think my group is really good at research.

I Hope to…..

I hope to find lots of information for our topic so we have lots to teach other kids in the school. I also hope to discover more about child neglect and somehow find a way to stop it from happening to children.

This is Important to Me Because…

It’s really sad to know that people don’t give their children their needs and they ignore the child’s state. I feel really thankful for my life and that I don’t have parents like that.

Picture of Essential Agreements…