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Dear future grade 5s

Dear future grade 5s,

Hi my name is Supreet. I’m righting this letter because I want you to have a good exhibition experience.

My topic was Drug use affecting health. Our central idea was Actions, arelationships and mindsets shape the global community. As a group of grade fives you pick your central idea. In exhibition you have to pick and make your action. Your teacher picks your topic but you have to do a persuasive essay for your topic.

My first suggestion is that you should work separately if you start fighting because than you wouldn’t talk to each other and wouldn’t get fights. I’m saying this because it didn’t go well for us. Plus if you work separately then you we’ll probably get more work done. Other tip is that you should come back after 30 minutes or 15 minutes so you can tell each other what you did. More tips are that you should not work with someone your going to talk to.last tip I have for you is that when you work separately you should actually work instead of helping other groups.

My second suggestion is that you shouldn’t waste your time because  wasn’t our time by talking to other groups and fighting and we didn’t get anything done and then we had work beside the teacher and that wasent fun. Other tip is that you shouldn’t fight because that wastes time too. Anthor tip that I have for not wasteing time is that you should work in a room that you work well in because you might talk to other groups. Last tip is that you should not talk to other groups because you waste time. I am righting this because we wasted our time and we got nothing done and our prentation was good but bad too.

My last suggestion is that you should not listen to music because you can’t listen to your other partners and then you are doing nothing and there doing the work. Another tip you music is if you listen to music then put your volume lower so that you can here your partners talk and you can actually do work. I’m righting this because my partner listen to music and he didn’t do anything like work or help us he just sat there. Last tip for this is some people work good with music but then they start watching the videos and then they get in trouble.

In conclusion I hope exhibition is good for you and I hope that your prentation is going to be good plus exhibition is nine weeks and it goes very fast we thought it would be very long but it went very fast and sometimes you miss lots of periods. Please take my advice because it didn’t go that well for us so I want it to go well for you.

Best wishes,


Exhibition final reflection

What is the biggest challenge you faced during the process of Exhibition?

The biggest challenge that I faced in the process was not fighting and we didn’t get along, because of that we didn’t get that much work done and we stared getting worried and frustrated. That made us even worse and we had to work separately so we wouldn’t fight or we wouldn’t talk to other groups and we get in trouble for doing that. Some other things that were challenging was getting everyone to work on different things because we wanted to help each other and work on it together so we got one thing done but everything else was still to be done so we didn’t get those things done and we were behind. We get everyone working because some people didn’t want to work so the other people had to do all the work.


How did you work to solve or overcome that challenge?

We solved our problems by working separately because we got In fights and that took time from working and then we got of track so we thought if we worked separately then we wouldn’t get of track and it worked but then some of our group members didn’t want to work separately so we had to work in a separate room so we didn’t talk to anyone or we didn’t fool around with other groups. But then the teachers had to film in that room and we had work in a different room and we started talking to other groups. So after that we worked in Mr. Turners and we were fine for the rest of Exhibition.


What have you learned about yourself since being involved in

I learned that when I get frosrated I tend to over take and make people do things because I don’t want to do them so I ask if they can do it but they don’t like the thing because it’s boring for them so I tell someone else in my group to do it and they don’t do it right so at the end I end up doing it because they didn’t do it right or they didn’t want to do it . Some others I learned about my self was that when I do work I don’t want anyone to interrupt or when someone ask me a question I don’t answer because I’m working.


What was the most important, interesting or meaningful aspect of Exhibition for you? Why?

The most meaningful aspect was our creative art peice because we put lots of work on it and people complimented us on our poster that we made because it was pretty. Some examples of what people said are I really like your poster it’s very colourful and I like your hand made white boards plus the picture is amazing other example is it was very eye catching and it made your station pop. Some of the most interesting facts were that Drugs can be good and that good drugs like prescription Drugs can be bad.



What would you do differently, or be more mindful of if you could experience Exhibition again?

The thing that I would do differently would be work more separately because we got in lots of fights and when we worked separately for a tiny bit and it was really good we got things done and we didn’t talk to other groups as much plus we had timers of when to meet and we all knew the spot we were going to meet. Another thing that I would change was working in Mr. Turners room because there we worked really well and in the other rooms we work very well, we started talking to other groups.

What advice and suggestions would you like to give to the students who will work through Exhibition next year?

The advice that I would give to the future grade fives is don’t fight and work together,try to work separately if that better for you or work together what ever is better for you plus don’t talk to other groups because when you talk to other groups because that wasn’t time and time fly by our group thought that 9 weeks is a lot of time but time flys don’t waste it by talking to others or fooling around plus time flys in your presentation because we thought that 1 hour / 2 hours is going to take long but it wasn’t that long.



Choose a feedback sticky . Why was this valuable feedback?What did it mean to you?

This was meaningful because they talked about how detailed it was and I thought that we didn’t that much detail so that made me happy because we tried to work our hardest and and it paid of. I’m also happy about getting everything done.

Exhibition skills goal setting for 3 way conference

The skill I want to work on is self management skill and this skill is organizing because it hard to get all the sources links and I sometimes I forget. Another skill for self management is informed choices because sometimes our group get out of task.

Another skill I want to work on is social skills and this skill is resolving conflict because our group fights a lot and it’s hard to make it stop. Another skill for social skills is group dession because we all don’t have the same opinion and it’s hard to pick which one.

Last skill I want to work on is reaseach skills and this skill is collecting data because some websites information might not be real and be fake. Another skill for reaseach skill is formulating questions because our group sometimes can’t do question because we don’t have any questions.

My topic is drugs harming people’s health

This is important to me because I know somebody that died from drugs and I don’t want people to die.

I’m excited about working trying to tell people that it’s bad and maybe stop them.

I hope that people will stop doing drugs from our presentation and tell other people to stop.

The skills I used was research skills because you have to research to find out things for your topic?

Some questions I asked was why did they make drugs and how?Another question I asked was who made drugs?