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Week 2 creative reflection-Simran

this week was both challenging and easy. This week we made key concept questions it was challenging because we thought that not all key concepts can fit under our topic witch was music and therapy. From my last reflection I still and worried about those things but I try not to think about it too much. During this week I know it’s just the start but I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and sometimes me and my partner would take turns writing questions and she would tell me to hurry up. We still have to put down the key concept questions we are done those yet.

Week 1 reflection

I am excited for interviewing musicians and some people who specializes in music therapy in hospitals. I am excited about this because I have never met someone who was a musician also because I would like to know if they feel stressed and what makes them calm and what music they like best like pop, country, rock anything.

I hope that we have enough resources to get information so we will have a good presentation. I am not the best at gathering information or  presenting  so this is going to  be super challenging for me.

This is  important to me because   I like music and I just really wanna know how it affects your emotions and how songs get stuck in ur head.    Also because I love music and I’ve been.  Wondering about this topic for a long time.