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Dear Future Grade 5 Students.

Dear Future Grade 5 Exhibition Students,

Hi my name is Sarah! Our central idea was, society’s responsibility is to build a physically and mentally community. My topic for exhibition was Gender Equality and why it’s important for both genders to have equal rights. I chose this topic because I felt that looking through all the topics this was really important because both genders should be able to have equal rights and I thought I could work with this for 10 weeks.

My first piece of advice for you is to choose a topic you feel passionate about and don’t choose the same topic as your best friend because then you will tend to fool around and not get any work done and then you’ll probably get in trouble which you’ll have to work with that best friend for 9 weeks and remember it’s your fault if you get bored of the topic.

My second piece of advice is for you to work hard on Exhibition and don’t be lazy on your work because then that research gets carried to your presentation and you will get assessed if you have bad information or if you your poster or art piece looks like you didn’t work hard on it.

My last piece of advice is to use your time more wisely because time goes by fast and by the end if your not at the spot that you should be, your gonna have to catch up because your behind and you don’t have all day to work so you should use your time wisely.

I hope this letter to you helps you prepare for Exhibition, remember pick a topic YOU are passionate about and NOT what your friend is passionate about. Work hard and use your time wisely.

Good luck,

From The One And Only, Sarah

Final Reflections.

The biggest challenge that we have faced during Exhibition was that outside of exhibition we were friends and so we would get into fights and arguments and so we would bring those arguments and fights into exhibition and we would argue with each other or fight over random things but after how we solved it was we had conversations with each other about how we can problem solve and we also talked about how we should stop fighting with each other, we also told each other that “we cant bring these arguments into exhibition and we need to work because we don’t have tons of time left” and so then we got more focused on our research and we were staying on task and not arguing. I have learned about myself in exhibition that I can work with new people that I may have not worked with before or with people that I’m not even friends with and  I usually I work with my friends and so I learned that I can work with new people and some of those people I have never worked with before and so I learned that I can work with new people and that I can work well with them. The most important thing that I have learned in Exhibition is that teamwork is important because if you don’t show teamwork you won’t get much done which then you will have to do that work on your own time. If I could do Exhibition all over again next time I would add personal things like if I’ve ever experienced gender inequality because in our presentation we only used our research and next time we could have made personal connections. My  advice for students that are going to be doing exhibition next year is that next year don’t pair up with your best friends because then when your working with them you can get into lots of fights and  you’ll also be talking to them about things that don’t connect to your topic which then you’ll get offf task and you won’t get any research done which then will cause you to do all of the things that you were supposed to do during Exhibition instead to do it on your own time, when your off task with your Best friend which will lead you into getting into trouble.

Feedback Reflections~Sarah

I have achieved the First sticky note because during the presentation I had parts which I had to use my Communication skills which at the beginning of the exhibition I didn’t share a lot of my ideas but as soon as we got more into exhibition and we talked about our Reflections I shared all of my ideas about what we should do, during the actual presentation I talked about facts that connect to our topic which that was using my communication skills.

I have achieved the second sticky notes because when people where listening to our presentation they asked question, when they asked questions we could answer it right away and we didn’t have stop for a while and think about it and our answers made a lot of sense.

I think if I could do exhibition again I would make more personal connections in the presentation because durning the presentation we only talked about our actual facts and research and we should maybe make connections from our actual lives if we’ve experienced gender inequality.

Week 10 Reflections~Sarah

I am proud that I worked on Exhibition for ten weeks and I got a lot of information under my questions for research and the research that we found we then used for our actual presentation, I’m also proud that even though we got into fights we talked to each other and we told each other that we can’t bring this fight into Exhibition and so we got over it quickly and didn’t bring it into exhibition after the conversations.

Exhibition is different from the projects that I have done in the past because the other projects that I have done only take a couple weeks but you have to work on exhibition for 10 weeks and in exhibition you have to get lots of information under your topic but for the projects that I have done before you only a little bit of information.

I feel that my message in the presentation did inspire some people because as I was saying my opinion about what I thought about gender equality people would nod their heads and say “I agree” and add on to what I was saying.

Now that I have gone threw Exhibition I feel that I can carry on the skills that I have learned because as I’m older and I’m in a job I am prepared for going to meetings and I’m also prepared for example if I’m selling a product or if I work somewhere and I need to have an advertisement for it I need to prepare for it and work on the information under the advertisement and I need to prepare my lines on what I’m going to say which exhibition helps us prepare for those things.

My mentor has helped us with our information because he gave us websites, even though ms hooper gave us websites we didn’t get all the information we needed and our mentor helped us with our research and he also helped us because we got into a lot of fights and he talked to us and told us how to problem solve.

Week 8 Reflections~Sarah

1. I feel that things are going well with our action and our art piece for the actual presentation because we got told that yesterday was our last day of working on our art piece for the presentation. We got it done really quickly and we did a good job of making it creative.

2. The attribute I showed this week was communicator because I got to communicate my ideas with my group a lot this week. My group had to discuss a lot about what we are going say for the presentation and what type of facts we are going to say to them. We also had to discuss a lot about what we are going to do for our art piece and what types of materials we will need for the art piece.

Week 7 Reflections~Sarah

1. I feel things are going well because we have gotten a lot of information under our questions and we’re done researching and I feel that things are also going really well because we work together as a group, even if we get into fights we get back together and we sort our problems.

Me and my group just need to start creating our actions and start thinking about our presentation and then start creating what we are going to have for the presentation and we also have to think about what we are going to say for the actual presentation and how we are going to get prepared

Week 5 Reflections~Sarah

How would you describe exhibition?

Exhibition is choosing a very special topic that you want to focus on for ten weeks, you will have to come up with questions and find research for them, exhibition is really important because as your reasearching you have to check if that information is true, sometimes in exhibition you have bad relationships with the members in your group and  that relationship can get dragged into working together in exhibition, after all of the research and all of the weeks of working on your exhibition  you get to finally present in front of a lot of people that you may not know and it can be nerve racking but after a couple presentations you’ll get used to it.

What does the exhibition provide us?

Exhibition provides us to learn things that we might not know throughout all the time that we have for the research and it helps us get prepared for higher grades and it helps us get prepared for jobs later on in life.

What is something that people might not know about exhibition?

People might not know that in exhibition its not always easy because some days might feel really long and some days might feel really short and sometimes you don’t understand some of the research that you find.