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RO Final Reflection

My biggest challenge was presentation. I overcame it by just doing the presentation and getting it over with. I also overcame it because I was confident and I wanted to do it but at the same time I didn’t but I’m glad I did it and now it’s over with.

My goal of risk taking was achieved because I did the presentation, made a poster which everyone could see, talked about my topic and tried my hardest.

I would choose a different topic because I didn’t really like my topic or my group and I wasn’t with them for a week and I didn’t feel welcome because I had an original group but I had to be moved so I only had 8 weeks with my group.

I have learned that if I’m nervous and I just try then I can succeed at what I’m trying to do. How I know this is I thought I was going to fail badly and be bad, but in the end if I just try I will be less nervous and be good.

Dear Future PWEX Students

Dear Future #PWEX Students,

Hi my name is Rhiara. Our Exhibition Central Idea is Society’s Responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community. My topic was Supporting Seniors and I chose that topic because I wanted to learn more about seniors and they are very important to us in the world. In this letter I will tell you about why Exhibition is important and my advice.

My first piece of advice is to not be scared especially if you think exhibition is hard and you won’t be good at all. Exhibition can be pretty nerve-racking and stressful at times and can make you scared but in the end it’ll be okay as long as you are focused and control yourself.

My second piece of advice is to stay on task and don’t be silly with your partner(s). I chose this because if you’re working with friends then it’s very easy to get off task because you and your friend(s) might want to talk. You might find exhibition boring but if you are off-task then you’ll regret it when it comes to presentation and marks. So please don’t be off task, I promise you will regret it.

My third price of advice is to choose a topic you know you’re definitely interested in. You should do this because if you don’t have a good topic then you could not be happy and you might think it is to hard. So please choose a topic you’d like and you want to learn more about.

I hope this will help you with Exhibition.



RO Week 6 Reflection

1) What was challenging about the process?

I found interviews challenging because I was kinda nervous and I felt like they were kinda short as well.

2) What TD skills are important throughout the process of Exhibition?

Self management skills because you get more work done and you’re prepared for it faster, you’ll have more practice of your work and you’ll find yourself successful. Thinking skills because you need to think of a your presentation, a topic, etc.

3) How does Exhibition inspire you to take action?

I know I need to be responsible and have patience when I work on a big thing and to not be nervous and to be a good leader.

Final Reflection

I’m proud of presentation and how it turned out because I thought I would do really bad but I was okay at it. I’m also proud of how many people come to see our presentation. Getting thorough Exhibiton after a long 9-10 weeks.

Getting along because we would fight a lot and it didn’t turn out very well and it was very stressful. Presentation because I was so nervous and fidgeting with my hoodie sleeves on student day.

It was kinda challenging at the beginning because I was nervous. It was very fun with the interview with the seniors because our group split into groups of two and went around tables and at the end we had muffins and cookies. We had an interview eith Lauren from the Kerby Centre, she was very nice and calm and was willing to talk to us so she was a very nice lady.

They’re important you might get new, very important information that can help you with your topic and/or research. It’s a part of learning and in the future you’ll remember it and won’t be as nervous for interviews

Knowledge because we learned more about the topic we had. I gained more confidence when doing things like interviews, presentations, etc.

Week 5 Reflection

Exhibition is important because we get to do something huge and it prepares us for other big things we do in middle school and/or highschool. Another reason it is important is it teaches us to be a better skilled students and better with presentation.

We do Exhibition because we’re the older kids in the school and (again) it does help us prepare for larger projects and more research.

Some skills I used throughout the process were research skills because we were researching and putting down our information. I had a little bit of trouble with putting my research in the bibliography. Another skill I used is communication skills because I talked to my group when we were researching and we were sitting in different spots.

Week 3 Reflection

I used social skills because I communicated with my group when researching or talking about our topic. I feel things are going great but sometimes our group has a disagreement and we fight a little. My goal is risk taking and so far I haven’t had an experience where I needed to use it.