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RE Dear Future Grade 5 Students

Dear Future Grade 5 Students,

My name is Rami. My topic is Poverty In Families and are central idea: Society’s responsibility is to build a physical and mentally healthy community. I’m writing this letter because I want you to learn about how and what to know for when your doing exhibition.

A piece advice I have for you is to stay on task. So you can get work done to make a great presentation and you can get a lot of feedback.

Some more advice I have for you is to be nice to your group members so you can get work done and don’t fight about who’s gonna do what.

Another piece of advice I have is if your going to an interview ask a lot of questions so you can get research done. I could be difficult to go for a site visit and you can get a lot of information by interviewing the experts

I hope this helps you learn about exhibition to make something great. Remember to stay on task, be nice to your group, interview a lot of people.



Final blog post

I am proud of… I’m proud of my artwork because I worked hard. It was also fun making it and Mark and I mess up on are drawing. So we got a different coloured paper so the writing was on light green paper and words were very colourful and we put the light green paper on light blue.

What was challenging…the research was most challenging because you would get different answers. Also figuring out the script and who’s getting. What part and when there gonna say it

what is like interviewing people… It was fun when we interviewed people. We got info

Why it important to interview people is to learn more about your topic and whats important

what I gained from the interviews are what the do at inn from the cold and how they help the homeless and people in poverty.

RE Week 8 Reflection

Poster I made a poster with my group. We had big bubble letters. It said poverty in families.

Rehearsing We rehearsed are research a couple of times one. In front of a teacher and she said it was good. Then we practice it to are mentor and she gave us questions like anyone else would ask us.

Thanks to are mentor because she helped my group. She also helped us with phone calls. She helped us send emails. Thank you