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Feedback from Exhibition

This one applies to me because this one is for my group. It’s just saying good job and we did amazing.





We taught Rohan about immunizations and yes we had needles to represent outer topic.

I agree there were some pretty good topics this year.


I disagree and I agree. Most groups did put a lot of detail but most groups didn’t put that much detail in there display.






Final Reflection- interviews

Explain who you interviewed and why you chose them. 

I chose to interview a nurse because I wanted to see behind the scene. She is a professional nurse and we knew that she would help us.


 What was it like to interview people?

It was cool interviewing a nurse and someone who doesn’t believe in immunizations. We get both perspectives and interviewing them helped us a lot with our questions.

 What was challenging about it?

It was challenging because it was hard because we had to send the lady questions. She did answer them but it took awhile for them to send because she emailed them to us on the last day of research.

Why is is important to interview people?

It is important because it gives you experience talking to starngers and learning how to do an interview. It’s also important because you will feel more comfortable talking to others.

 What did you gain from interviewing people?

I gained confidence because before I was shy talking to others.  I didn’t talk as much until I did more interviews and I gained confidence.

Week 8 Reflection

2 questions from guide book

1. what do I need to do next?

I need to finish the display and get ready to present. I need to get the gym entrance look like a clinic and turn it into a doctors office and dress up as nurses. I need to get all the facts ready set up and be ready.

2. How do I feel about how things are going? 

Things are going really well our group is working well with each other  were getting along.  We are done our questions and we are almost done our display and we have great facts to share at Exhibition.

 Update of what you did this week

We had an interview with someone who doesn’t believe in immunizations and we emailed her some questions to answer and she answerd them.  We had a mentor meeting and she said that we have been doing really well and that we have been on task.

Week 7 Reflection

Give an update:  What are your plans for action? What are your plans for showcasing your work.

Are action is a book that explains immunization and what the process is and who envented immunizations and what types of diseases there are and how they can be prevented and explains how many people die from not getting vaccinated. Our plan for showcasing is explaing herd immunity and giving examples and showing how herd immunity spreads .

what has been the biggest struggles far in Exhibition? How did you over come it? What skills/attributes/attitudes did you use?

The biggest struggle in Exhibition is finding answers to our questions because we don’t know if there real answers of fake answers and trying to find kid friendly  and there are some words that we don’t recognize. Some skills I used was thinker because we had to think of how we are going to display and think about how what we’re going to say.

What did you find out about yourself during Exhibition?

I found out that I don’t like researching and answering and sometimes I don’t like working with my groups because they give me stress. I found out that I like immunizations and doing interviews but I don’t like when people write answers on a piece of papers and the writing is messy.

 Why should people come see your Exhibition?

People should come to our exhibition because we can tell them who envented immunizations and how you can be healthy and how you an prevent them and it is important to learn about immunizations.


Week 5 Reflection

What was challenging about the process?

The challenging part of the process is  finding a interview because it’s hard to reach someone for an interview. Finding answers to our questions because you don’t know if the answers you found are real answers.

What TD skills are important throughout the process?

I used research skills by researching all of our questions and finding answers and collect answers for Exhibition. Making observations throughout  Exhibition and keeping track of Exhibition.

How does Exhibition inspire you to take action?

Exhibition has inspired to work harder and push my self and take risks and do stuff that I won’t be able to in the future. It also inspires me to show action to others and set examples to others.

   Give an update of your week. Did you do an interview? Did you decide on action.

I had a mentor meeting and our action is making books and we will show them at Exhibition and the books are about immunizations and who envented them how many deseases are there and tell others how they can be prevented.