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Dear Future Grade 5’s

Dear Future Grade 5 Students

Hello My name is Nooren,Our Central idea was Society’s Responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community. My topic for Exhibition was Water Pollution and how it affects the Bow River Watershed.

My first piece of advice is pick a topic that you are passionate about not a topic your friend wants. Because your going to learn about that topic for 10 weeks and if your not interested in that topic it’s going to be boring and hard. But if you pick a topic you like it’s going to be fun even without your friends.

My second piece of advice is that you stay focused and stay on task. If you don’t further on you are going to struggle because your going to be left behind and being left behind on one thing in exhibition is a big deal it will affect you a lot.

My last piece of advice is that when it’s showcase time make sure to speak loud and clear so you look and sound confident also always keep eye contact with everyone so that you look interested and it will keep the audience interested. Lastly don’t fidget because if you fidget you will look like your nervous and don’t know your topic perfectly.

I hope that my feedback will help you throughout exhibition.

Make sure to pick a topic you like, stay on task, speak loud and clear keep eye contact and don’t fidget.

Best wishes from Nooren


Final Reflection Nooren

What is the biggest problem you faced during exhibition? The biggest problem I faced during exhibition was to answer to of the research questions they were connection and perspective. They were hard because no websites had any information about them. Also because everyone was assigned to a question not everybody could help answer it but in the end we got together and tried answering it as best as we could together. Lastly it was hard because we couldn’t find reliable websites which was hard so if we had a answer we would go to other websites to see if the information was true and after all that work we would then bibliography it.  that was a little challenging as well because some of the websites had no information about when it was published or anything so that made it hard for us as well.

How did you going to solve or overcome the problem? In the end even tough we all we’re assigned to certain questions in the end we all got together and figured out the answer and how we did that was we all used different resources like books websites so that we could find the answer to one question and in the end we all had a little information so we took all that small ideas and put it together to make a big idea.

What have we learned since being in exhibition? Learned that when I am with people I know very well like my friends I can share my ideas and I know that I work better. The reason is I feel more comfortable and because of that reason I think our exhibition was very successfull. Also I learned that I work better in smaller groups but I feel that even if there is a larger group I work with I can still work and focus.

What was the most important thing about exhibition? I think the most important thing about exhibition was the action. Because if you just talk about it but don’t take action it wouldn’t make sense by taking action it shows you care about the topic and you want to help with it. Also your action can teach others about the topic so they can also help and take action like a club, cougar new or even a small announcement would teach people and help them and your problem. That is why think the action is the most important part of exhibition.

whta would I change in exhibition if I could repeat it? I would probably change maybe next time I would involve the people more like letting them do the watershed or something like that.

What advice would I give to next year students? some advice I would give is that I would tell them to not fidget because if you fidget then they will not focus on you and what your fidgeting on is what they will focus on speak loud, clear and keep eye contact. Because if u don’t keep eye contact they might feel your not interested or your not talking to them.


Feedback Reflections Nooren

I think our group was really successful with showing visuals because basically everything we said had a visual like the life straw, Water samples, watershed and even for our action we had a slide I am most proud because of the visuals everyone was interested and I feel like it dragged people into our topic as well.

The second thing I was also proud was  me and my groups communication skills and eye contact I tried to look at everyone I think I was successful it was just a little hard because there were so many people but I feel I still did good also we all knew what to say but could be louder next time.

i think something I sttrugled at was since I was so  nervous I was speaking to fast and also because there were so many people maybe I need to take deep breaths and talk slow and not worry about so many people being around me because everyone makes mistakes.


I am proud of being able to put all the information in my own words because even though there was information that was very short I tried my best to put it my own words and make sure that it makes sense. Also putting your information in your own words is important because it’s not your information so you can’t just copy it.

Exhibition is different because most of the times you have to work on a project for 2-4 weeks but we worked on exhibition for 10 weeks. Also I haven’t had a mentor in any other presentations and also we usually only present it to the class and teacher instead of the school community and adults. Lastly I have never had to write a persusive letter to join a group so that’s a unique way to join a group and pick a topic.

I think my presentation inspired people by thinking more about water pollution and knowing it’s a bigger deal also after seeing some pictures and samples so that when pepople drop garbage they think more about what will happen to the water and they pick it up and throw it in the garbage that is something my brother and sister have done that’s how it changed there mind and that’s how they got inspired.

now that I have went throug exhibition the skills I am going to carry are bibliography skills that’s a skill that everyone needs to know and putting it in your own words because it is not your information so you have to cite it so we know who’s information it actually is plus if we didn’t cite our sources then if we need to go back to the website you can go and check it to see where you got it from. Also my communication skills that was one of my goals but I think that I did great on my goal and I gave idea to my group and talked with my mentor so she can help us.

my mentor helped me because without her we probably would not have  any interviews we tried to find some but it was really hard she had some friends that knew about water pollution so we had a easier time. Also we had lots of visuals because of her like the life straw and she also helped us in our watershed she gave us the plastic which non of us had. Lastly she asked me Turner if he could get us the water samples thank you to Miss Michie who was my mentor and Mr Turner without you exhibition would be really hard thank you again.

Week 8 Reflections

What have I been focusing on is my action. My action was going around the westerners pond and picking up garbage also starting a water pollution club to teach people about water pollution. We are  also working on my presentation where we are trying to memorize our information.

What skills have I used?  I used my communication skills with my group when we were thinking about our action and when we were practicing our presentation.

The challenges our group has went through is that we messed up on our sign so we tried to paint it. It didn’t work so we had mix paint and now it is better. Some successes our group  has made is that we all know our information and can answer our questions easily and confidentiality.


Week 7 Reflection

What have I done? Me and my group has done a lot of things like a lot of figuring out action which is making a water pollution group and teaching people about water pollution as well by doing that. Also I have thought of a creative piece which Is building a watershed. And we also are done thinking of how  our showcase is going to look and where it will be.

I used my communication skills when we had a interview with a person who works at the bow river I asked questions and used my communication skills

Week 6 Reflection

My goal is to use my communication skills by talking to my group and sharing my ideas. I need to do  that because if I don’t do it are group might not succeed and get enough information for our exhibition. If we don’t have enough information we will not be able to give enough information and teach/talk about our topic. I think I am doing great and I shared my ideas.

Mu second goal is my self management skills I need to be organized because    We have a folder where all our  Information  Is  and if we aren’t organized and lose it we will have no more information.

what I am doing next is thinking what our action is and also get a table ready for our  presentation.

How do I think things are going I think things are going well we have interviews set up we have websites and information.

i used my social skills when me and my group made decisions of who is gonna say what.


Week 5 Reflection

How would you describe exhibition? Exhibition is when you pick a topic and focus on that topic for 9 weeks and make questions. To answer those questions you use different sourses like websites and books. After a few weeks of exhibition you start interview people that can help you with your exhibition topic. Also a mentor which can be a teacher or a volunteer will meet with you once a week to check how things are going and help get you back on track. Also a mentor will try to set interviews for you and tell you dates for important things that will be happening during exhibition. Each group will have one meeting with miss hooper miss hooper gives lots of information that helps us answer our questions.Then you need to think of a action you can take to help with the problem. In the very end you have to set up a table so that people can come and listen to your presentation and maybe they might change their mind an maybe even help and take action.

What does exhibition provide us with? Exhibition provides me with lots of things and skills such as communication skills because you have to communicate your ideas to your mentor also if you interview someone you have to ask questions, share your ideas and communicate with them. It also provides us with research skills by gathering information and citing  your sources because the information you used from a book or a website is not yours. It also provided us with thinking skills like taking one idea to answer a question and use other sites to make a bigger thought. It has also provided us with self-management skills because we have from miss hooper and because we will need that information to help us answer our questions so we need to stay organized and keep it in a certain spot the whole group knows for example a folder. The last skill it has provided us with is social skills because we all have different responsibilities and roles in the group so we all have accept our responsibilities and respect and cooperate with eacother.make sure the whole group agrees together on one thing and resolving conflict. I feel that now I am more confident to talk with new people on a phone or person.

What is something people might not know about exhibition? I never knew that we would have to write persuasive essay to convince our teacher that our topic is the best for us. Also I never knew that that is how we are also going to choose our groups. Before I started exhibition I thought the teachers would be in charge of taking a look at how the groups are doing but I found out that you have a mentor that does all that. I thought that there would be no meetings but there are.