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Dear Future Grade 5’s

My name is Caenumon S and I’m writing to you for PWEX (PWE Exhibition) so you can do well since this is a big project. Our Central Idea is “Society’s Responsibility Is To Build a Physically and Mentally Healthy Community”. My topic was Drug Affects I choose this topic because I was interested and inspired by last years Drug Affect topic because I was interested in learning of the bad and good effects.

My first piece of advice is use your time wisely this is most likely the most important part of exhibition even though it seems like a long time you have a certain amount of time to do research,interviews,questions,showcase and presentation in about 9 weeks you have to do all of that so use your time wisely.

My second piece advice is that talk to your group only this is because my group (Including me) started talking to other groups this also connects to my first advice and when you talk to other groups you start falling behind and don’t get things done.

My third piece of advice is stay focused because if you fooling again you don’t get thing you need to do done and If not done your presentation could be pretty bad but if you stay on task you will be good in your presentation.

I hope this letters help you in exhibition remember
Use your time wisely,talk to YOUR group and stay focused.

Best Of Luck


Final Reflection

My biggest challenge in exhibition is staying on task because me and my group were always fooling around and talking to other groups but at the end of exhibition we stayed on task and got the task done and our presentation turned out good.

We overcame that challenge by staying away from distracting groups and went to a quiet area where me and my group could focus and get the job done.

I learned about myself that I always think I have a lot of time during projects but when actually doing these I tend to fool around but then now I know to do the right thing during big projects.

The most important part of exhibition for me would be researching,interviewing and our mentor because all of these let us do our presentation and give us knowledge about whatever topic you choose.

What I would do different is be more confident talking to people during  our presentation since I was fairly nervous and another thing is I need to spend my time more wisely with research on our topic since we only knew half way of our topic that we could’ve learned more about.

Some suggestions and advice I would give would be stay focused use your time wisely when doing exhibition so at the end you can have a good presentation and gain some knowledge of something possibly new.

I think my goal went pretty because most of the time I was using my communication skills and my thinking skills during my research and talking to my group to plan out our action and others.

PWEX Week 7 Reflections

I think things are going good with our exhibition my group started to add a list of materials for our presentation we finished our first interview and copied our answers to our research on Friday we have a mentor meeting which we are going to add to our action and our presentation.

Some new discoveries my group made when we were researching is that marijuana can help people that are affected by cancer and pain patients but taking to much could cause more damage. 

Week 5 Reflections

I would describe exhibition as stressful and hard working because you have to worry about getting things on time and you don’t have a lot of time and you have to use your time quickly.

Exhibition gives you knowledge about your topic and you will get used to working with different people and adults when you do interviews and that can potentially go into your job interviews when your older.

Something people might not know about exhibition is that it’s actually fun at sometimes especially working in your group once you come out of exhibition your gonna know more and think differently about your topic and if you have younger siblings or friends doing exhibition you can help them out.

Week 2 Reflections

I did my mentor meeting today and made up questions for interview and did  not remember some of my questions so he suggested to remember and write down.

I use thinking and communication skills to solve problems with my group for our questions.

something I need to do is remember most of my questions during my mentor meeting and work a bit more independent sometimes.


Week 1 Reflection

My main focus/idea is to learn more about drugs and what can do to you and show people what it can affect your life and how it can spread through a community.

Im excited to present to people and shown awareness about good and bad drugs to help people prevent from getting ill.

I hope that people take some advice and to not harm your body and harm others because anyone that take drugs is risk to some people to spread diseases.

This is important because drugs was a big thing in 2016-2017 and possibly can happen in 2018 so if you tell people not to do this it will prevent bad health and diseases.