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Dear future grade five students…

Dear grade 5 students,

I am Nayamat. Welcome to Exhibition. Our central idea was society’s responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community. My topic is Hungry children. In this document you will be getting some tips to help you in the process of Exhibition.

My first tip is to cooperate with you group because if you don’t you won’t get your work done. I know that because me and my friend got in a conflict and we fell behind in our research. If you cooperate your group will get along very well, your group will get a good mark. Also you will have no conflict, our group did, we fell a little bit behind.

My second tip is to use your time efficiently. If you don’t you might fall behind and not know what to do. You can do that by not communicating to the group(s) around you. Another way to use your time efficiently is to communicate to your group to see if they agree with your idea. If you don’t know if they agree and you don’t ask them that can lead to problems in the future.

My last tip is to be positive and know that your group is there to support you. You should know that your group is there so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Also if you know that they are there you are most likely to think positive. Going further into that you will get support from your group and how you treat them is how they will treat you.

Over all exhibition is really fun and a great experience. You will mostly get the topic you are most passionate about. I hope that these tips will help you in exhibition. Good luck everyone!



Final post

My biggest challenge during Exhibition was getting to know my information really well. I overcame that by reading it over and over again.
My goal of asking questions was sort of achieved because I did ask questions but not too many.
The most important, interesting or meaningful aspect of exhibition foot me was doing the research because if we did not do it we would not be experts on our topic. It is also important because if we did not do research we would not have any information to tell the people that come to our group when we are presenting to them.
If I could experience exhibition again I would be more positive while we were doing our presentation to the school or the parents, not look so nervous and freaked out.
I learned that I do not get along with certain people. I also learned that I am not to good at asking questions about certain things.

NS Final Blog Post


I am proud of my group because we worked really hard. We also had some conflict but we figured it out. I am also proud of how our art piece turned out .

the thing that was challenging was getting to know each other’s information really well so that we can say it without looking at the iPad.

it was really fun to interviewing experts but I was also a little bit nervous. I was nervous because I hadn’t interviewed any one before. It is important to interview people because you can find some really good and helpful information from them, information that is not on the information.

I gained lots of confidence from exhibition.

Ns week #7 reflections

Exhibition provides us with a chance to work with others. It also provides us with an opportunity to work the way they find best.

Something people might not know is that when you present your information information to the parents and students you don’t read of of something you have a regular conversation with whoever you are talking to. You also have to know your topic really well because your could get 50 different questions asked about your topic in a day.

Achieving my goal is going really well because I have been brainstorming ideas for our staging. Also we have had to do lots of research which means we have to think about how we will put the information in our own words.
My other goal is to ask questions and that has been not going well because my group has not been asking questions to teachers.

NS week 6 reflection.

How I feel things are going: I think that our group is doing great everyone is trying to work extra hard. We are almost done all of our questions.

The skills that I have used are communication skills because we have communicated to each other a lot. We have also discussed our mento notes regularly.

What we need to do next is double check our bibliography and check to see if all of our our questions make sense. Lastly we need to see if all of our questions are proprely answer.

Week 3 reflections

I think that things are going fantastic because we are getting lots of things done and we are finding lots of information about our Questions. The things I have done are sorted our key concept questions and started doing our research we are off to a really good start. My goal is still asking questions and I don’t think I have worked on it this week. My goal for next week is to ask questions ether to my group members or to a teacher/ mentor.