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Dear future Grade 5s

Dear future Grade 5 student

My name is Nathanael. Our Exhibition theme was who we are. Our central idea was: society’s Responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community. My Exhibition topic was about the effects of drugs. I chose this topic because drugs can be really bad and addictive so I wanted to learn more about it. This letter is to give you information and details about Exhibition.

My first piece of advice is to choose topic that you are interested. If you choose a topic you are not interested in then you will not like the research and it might be hard for you.

My second piece of advice is to stay away from groups and friends that you know or else you will have a hard time finishing up your work.

My third piece advice is when you are speaking with adults and answering questions is to give them information so that they are more informed about your topic.

I hope this letter will help you in Exhibition. Choose a topic that interests you,stay away from people who distract and answer adult questions during the showcase.



Feed back Reflections

I gave information to people that came to my group. Marijuana can help cure cancer pain for cancer,but can’t cure the cancer.

I chose this post-it because I had to present without my partner. I had to speak more often and to lots of people multiple times.

I had a hard time speaking because I was mumbling and I stopped a lot of times. Some times this happens  because I am shy when I see new people.



Week 9 Reflections

Exhibition is different than making a poster on something like a next grade thing.

I think I inspired them a bit by saying drugs can make you high and when you get high your tummy will feels weird you will throw up and you will have direraya.

I will take some information from Exhibition and when I hear something about drugs I will use that knowledge for that.

Working with my meteor helped me learn more about drugs because he works somewhere where people can go to jail it is jail and they deal with a lot of drugs.

Exhibition week 8

I made lungs one is heathy and the other one is affected by drugs.  I made a poster for my topic and I made a smoking pipe for people that smoke a drug.  We need to do just some stuff and then we’re done after that we need to get our creative art pieces so we can show people and tell people about our topic. When someone comes we will be doing what we are supposed to do. I feel excited for next week because I am a excited person.

Exhibition week 5

Exhibition has been doing ok we’re almost done but my group needs to stay a bit on task and we are good friends we haven’t been doing much because we are stuck on one hard question and it might take a little while but we can do it.

Exhibition provides us by getting knowledge because we are learning something important that we can do in the future and by telling kids you will might make the world a better place.

People don’t know that Exhibition can be fun and you will learn about your topic.



Week one Reflection

My main idea is to help people stay away from drugs because they can make you feel weird . My second main idea is to take good drugs because it helps by not making you sick.

I am excited for researching because you get to learn more about your topic.

I hope people will be smart by saying away from drugs then people will stop doing bad drugs.

This is important to me because we can lean about the topics.