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Week 2 creative reflection

What skills did you use: I used my thing skills because you had to think about some good thick questions.

How did I think things were going: the first week went ok but the second week we were doing horrible. We got into a argument. When things were not working out we got the teacher to help us. Then we talked to each other and made up again.


Week first reflections

Describe what are your main ideas/focus that have come out of your discussion this week           Our main focus is to make a difference in the topic gender equality. What I mean by that is to tell people about our topic and then they will make a difference then so on and so on. We have tons of ideas for the research side of things. Our main focus is also about how people get treated in Canada ( equally).

I’m excited for presenting to the school soon. I am also excited to start the research side.

I hope that we don’t fall behind our work,or else we will have a hard time caching up with the other groups.

This is important to me because I want to help the people who need help with going to school and having rights to some other stuff.