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Dear future grade 5 students

Dear future grade fives,

My name is Naman, and my topic is gender equality I choose this topic because I wanted to take action and try to stop gender inequality and start equality but before you can do that you need to learn about gender inequality and equality so this is why I choose this topic. Our central idea was:Society’s responsibility is to build a physical and mentally healthy community. This letter is about…advice. This advice should help you go through exhibition smoothly.

My first piece of advice is to not choose what your friends or friend chooses because then if you are picked to be together you will have tons of of fights and it will feel like the longest ten weeks of your life. The teachers in charge of you will keep you together and if you have a fight you will have to stick with that person and keep on working with them until the end of exhibition. That is something you might not want to do so stay positive and listen to your group members not argue with them, ( like my group did ) stay happy with your group.

My second piece of advice is to not waste time like me and my group did because then we had not enough research and we were behind so we needed to speed up but it was hard to get the research and all the other stuff beside research and we were far, far, of while people were all the way up done putting there research into the folders. Then when we went for the interview we got tons of information and is two days we were done research so don’t talk to other groups and stay focused on your work because it will help you not other groups how are doing another topic.

My third piece of advice is to speak louder when you are presenting to the kids and to the parents because if you are quiet you will need to repeat lots of things that you say and it will be hard for them to understand you and then they will not be interested in your presentation and go away to someone else’s presentation and turn their backs towards you. Try to talk louder so that you have more people involved into your presentation.

Best wishes,

Final reflections

What is the biggest challenge you faced during the process of Exhibition?                                      One of the most challenging thing I found was when we were doing our presentation, when we had to answer the questions the adults asked us because sometimes we did not have the answers the adults were looking for. We had to speak to different people and sometimes we got super nervous that we would forget what we were going to say. Other wise we did ok, and got through the presentation without tons and tons of mistakes.
How did you work to solve or overcome that challenge?                                                                               We solved that problem by… like I said we would not have an answer sometimes we would share what we think about that question rather then saying we don’t have an answer. We also explained why we would think that rather than ending after saying I think this…that is how we toyed to avoid having people think we have know idea about our topic.
What have you learned about yourself since being involved in Exhibition?                                              One thing I learned is that never choose best friends when you do exhibition because believe me you will need to throw a party after exhibition ends. What I mean is that you will be to close to your friends and then you will explode with a fight and not get along with one another. Believe me it will feel like the longest ten weeks of your life. Try to stick with your choose and not you friends choice because like I said you and your friend or friends will explode into a bid huge fight.
What was the most important, interesting or meaningful aspect of Exhibition for you? Why?                                                                                                                                                                        In my perspective I think the interview was the most important because we would get the most valuable information from there and we would would have an idea on how we should design our presentation and that is where we got most of our information from. Maybe you think the websites what’s the most part of information throughout the entire exhibition. Another thing the interview helped us was by helping us finish our interview and our exhibition questions. We got a lot of information from the interview and that was our number one source.
What would you do differently, or be more mindful of if you could experience Exhibition again?                                                                                                                                                                         I would talk louder because I know my group tried to make me talk louder and even if I tried to I would still sound quiet and then we would need to repeat lots of things. I was quite and my group was quite and I was quite to so that is one thing I will do differently.
What advice and suggestions would you like to give to the students who will work through Exhibition next year?                                                                                                                        Like I said one thing I will tell them is to not choose your friends because you will not make it till the end of exhibition. That is all I would say to them.

I worked one my goals smoothly and I feel like I have accomplished my goils which were to make sure I will write my words in my own words and to find myself some new sources so that I can find new information.

Feedback Reflections

I know our group and me, were interactive because we encouraged people to do our action idea and try to stop gender inequality and start gender equality. I was interactive to people because I had new facts that people might not know about gender equality.

Also my group and me, were all clear on what we said instead of explaining each word again and again to people just because we were not clear. I did a good on speaking clearly to the people we were presenting too and they could understand me and my group.

I think my group, and me, did not talk slow and we were all nervous. I think we talked fast because we were nervous about exhibition and scared. I think we still had lots and lots of information that we could have shared with other people and kids, too. We could have improved that by feeling relaxed and feel free to share our information.

Week ten reflections

What are you proud of?                                                                                                                                  Getting through the research because we did not listen to one another when we did our research and then slowly get into fights with each other. We got to the end of exabition and I am proud that we did all that hard work and got up here. Even though we had fights we did hard work to get up to the presentation part and the reflection part.

How is exhibition different then other projects you’ve done in the past?                                                         Because during exhibition we need to make lots of improvements and not just one improvement we need to fix things like making our showcase stuff until everyone agrees with what we have. Another thing to add on with is when we need to present to our family’s and our school friends, we have to repeat what we say again and again instead of presenting all at one

Do you feel your message inspired your audience?                                                                                 I think they might have been inspired but I think they might get more inspiration when we finish making our comic book so then they can add on and try to help the world be a better place to live.

now that you have experienced exhibition what will you take with you to apply to projects in the future?                                                                                                                                                               I am going to take my research skills with me because I still need to work on note taking and writing information in my own words. Also I will continue working on my presentation skills because I still struggle on presenting in front of a crowd of people.

how did working with a mentor support your learning learning?                                                                                         Without our mentor we would not have been able to sort out our work and not keep track of our learning. With our mentors support we would have al been at different stages and not know what we ar doing.

week eight reflections

my group is finished research and we have put in our interview research into our document in google drive. This week we have been busy working on our two posters and trying to finish  what we need to say when we are presenting.

Next we need to start practising what we need to say for when we will be presenting and also practicing the questions the grade four students had given us to practice for whenwe present.


Week seven

What positive attitudes did I show?                                                                                                             I showed creativity when we were planing on how our action idea should look like. We all had different ideas for the action idea but it was hard to choose one idea so we took a little bit of each idea to make one big one.

What attributes did I use?                                                                                                                              I was a thinker when we had to think of our action idea. Also, when we needed think to find a way to mix in all our ideas. I was also a thinker when my group tried to think of all the materials we needed for our action idea to make it. And now we are planning.

Week six

One goal is to wright my information in my own words this goal has been working good for a few of the sources but not all. One because the source does not make sense to me. When I under stand the website it is much easier too write the information in my own words then when I don’t.

My other goal is to write my information in note’s so that it is easier for me to go and write it in sentences. This goal has been going good, I am still working on it and am better at it.

one skill I used is is my self management skills. I organized my research and put in the correct spots rather then just throwing information in. My entire group was organized and/or sorted out.

My group has been working hard and we had not a lot of problems for the past week and we have been working hard to stay on task


Week 5 exabition

How would you describe exabition                                                                                                           At the beginning we have to make asental agreement idea to follow and to look at to remind what the expectations are. Then we start to put down what we already know aboutour topic then you start to think of questions that you want to learn about. You will put random questions on the page and eventually your group and you will decide which eight or less/more questions you and your group will work on. Then you will research and learn about your topic. After a few weeks of research you start working on your presentation and when we are ready we have a special day to present all the information we found out. You will present to the school and to your parents. Then when we are done the last thing you need to do is reflect on this project and how things were going in you  group.

What does exabition provide us                                                                 Exabition helps us when we will go off to middle school and in your future. One way exabition will help us is when we grow old and we just take interest sources we could be in big trouble. Another way it helps us is with our skills. One skill it helps us with is our research skills helping us how to write things in our own words. Another skill it helps us improve on is our presentation skill for when we need to present to the school and to our parents.

what is something that people might not know about exabition                           One thing that people might not know about exabition is that when we are at the end of exabition, when you finish the research, you need to present to your family and your school friends. Another thing people might not know about exabition is how we present to the school and how we will present to our parents and family’s. What I mean is how will you prepare the presentation and present to everyone