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Dear future grade five students

Dear grade 5 students


My name is Mostafa. The central idea of who we are is society’s responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community.  My topic is preventions and solutions to air pollution. I chose this topic because I chose this topic because I wanted you see different ways to prevent air pollution. This letter is to let you know what exhibition Is about, and suggestions.


One piece of advice I could give you, is to work well with your group. If you don’t work well with your group you will always get into arguments. That could so you down by a lot.


Second piece of advice is don’t get off task.Time flies bye and when you waste time You always think you have all the time in the world but you don’t.


Third piece of advice is don’t talk to other groups. If you talk to other groups is getting your group and other groups off task.


I hope this letter helps. Don’t forget work well with your group, don’t get off task,or talk to other groups.


Best wishes,


Final reflection

The biggest challenge I faced in exhibition was the reasearch because when you found the reasearch you have toput in your own words. Then if your supervisor doesn’t except it it makes ten times harder.

I over came this chalange by getting a whole bunch of reasearch at once. Then I would put all that reasearch in my own words. This helped a lot because it would only decrease my amount of reasearch by a little.

I learned that you can communicate with every one. Also you don’t have to be friends with pacific people.

The interesting part of exhibition to me was the showcase. I in joyed the showcase most because you got to share all your information about your topic.

I would change writing questions for your self to answer. Because I thought should  just get information.

I would give one piece of information to next years students. I would say trust your group members.

This is a post on my group and I feel like we did achieve this because we do did give a lot of options for people to decrease air pollution.  The other reason I think we achieved this goal is that I think I maybe inspired some people.

I think I achived this goal because I built coal burning power plant.


I feel like I didn’t achieve this because I was nervous.

Exihibition reflection

I am proud of sharing my knowledge to other people because now they know how to be safe  and when.

Exhibition is difrent then other projects because it’s is you learn so much and,  if I were to look back at other projects in the past none of them would be like this. It is just the feeling after feel the best.

I would say that my message inspired my audience because when we gave the new ways to decrease the amount of air pollution , I would say that they will carpool or ride there bike more often.

I think the skills I’ve learned in exhibition I would use in the future I think I will use the skills like  social skills because I will need to get along with everyone around me.

I think working with a mentor helped me because  they give you there ideas and there knowledge on your topic.






Week 8 reflection

some of the challenges that I have faced, are in the process of reasearch. The other ones are when I was building a coal burning power plant. It was a hard process but it was worth it. Some of my success are when I finally finished my research.The journey I’ve been through was mind blowing. But in the end I felt relief . The things I’ve gone through is  the reasearch and collecting the reasearch and putting it in your own words. The art and the posters were really to nail it. But then when we finished the art peace’s they looked amazing. Some of the art peace’s are a windmill and coal burning power plant These were challenging art peace’s but now they look amazing.preparing the stand wasn’t that hard. So that is it for this week.





Week 6 reflection

my goal is to organize my guidebook. I would say that it is going good, because I’ve actually been keeping  track of my guidebook. Like for example I’ve been always looking and checking off my task chart.

I used social skills, I will give an example.I used my social skills when I was translating Alexis needed help with a word.

The questions I asked this week  were. Some were like how is carbon dioxide bad for you.


Question 1 what have I done this week?

I finished our key concept questions,and started are research

Question 2 what do I need to do next?

I need to answer all my key concept questions for my research then I have to practices my presintaion?

Question 3 what discoveries have I made?

Now I know that when toxic mixes up with the clouds it creates acid rain.