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Dear future grade 5s

Dear future grade fives

My name is Mahtab, Our central idea is who we are:An inquiry into the nature of self,beliefs and values.Personal, phisacal, mental, social and spiritual health.Human relationships including families, friends, communities and cultures.Rights and responsibilities.What it means to be

My first piece of advice is not to fool around because you will not be able to focus on work and get a zero and fail Exibition.

My Second piece of advice is to speak loud and clear or else no one will hear you and go somewhere else.

Last but not least is not to have arguments with your group members or else you will not get through that much work and you will fail.

Hope this letter will help you in Exibition

Sincerely, Mahtab

Week 7 Reflections

1.What Have you done so far?

What I have done so far was that me and my group were thinking of an action.The action that we have chosen was walking while carrying a 2 litre bottle.What we need is a 2 litre bottle,some scissors and an old adult shirt.

2.How do you feel things are going?

I feel things are going great.We make agreements without having an argument over one idea.And now we stopped fooling around.