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I feel like things are going okay because there are sometimes fights we have . We do sometimes get along and sometimes don’t. So far I have done some research and I found really good information and right now i am putting it in my own words. My goal is thinking skills and I used it this week when we were researching and I did use a lot of it when I had to think if it was for my question or not.


Week 2 Reflection

1. The first skill I used was thinking skills and I used it first because  thinking is one of the skills I have to work on.

2. How do I feel things are going? I think the group  is going okay because there are sometime fights going on and sometime there are not.

Week 1 Reflection

Our main ideas  for poverty are how people are always on the streets and are dieing because they have no food to eat. Some people also throw food on them just because they are asking for money. What we are focusing on right now is homeless people right now. We had an idea to do a fundraiser to help the poor people who live on streets.

I am excited for the presentation that we are going to do and show the kids/teachers in the school and tell why we choose this topic.

I hope that our Fundraising would be successful and would help the poor people. I hope that the poor people get a home and have money.

This is important to me because there are tons of children in the world that live that don’t have a home and are living on the street and are always treated like trash.