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MK Dear Grade 5 Students

Dear Future Grade 5 Students

My name is Mahek. Welcome to Exhibition. Our central idea is society’s responsibility is to build a physically and mentally healthy community.
My topic is Hungry Children and today I will give you some tips on Exhibition.

My first tip is to get along with your group because, if you don’t get along with your group you won’t get things done like your research and your art.

My second tip is to not tattletale each other because if you do, the person who you are fighting with would have an attitude or would yell at you and will ignore you.

My last tip is to maybe be careful on you art because sometimes you can mess it up so I would prefer using a pencil rather then using a sharpie because you can mess up with a sharpie.

So I hope that you guys would have a awesome grade 5 year. Have fun in Exhibition.



MK Final Reflection

My biggest challenge during Exhibition was getting along with my group. I overcame it when it was my fault I would apologize or if anyone in my group had a attitude me and my other group member would ignore that person, until they realized their mistake.
My goal was thinking skills and I have achieved it. When we did research I would have to think if it was the right information I was looking for.
The most important part of Exhibition was probably the research because you need the information to complete the whole Exhibition process.
If I ever did Exhibition again I would choose a topic that is a little more easy because the topic I have chosen was a little hard to find information on.
I have learned that I have confidence because most of the time I don’t have confidence but Exhibition help me a lot with my confidence. I know this because I feel more confident now then I did before.

MK Final Blog Post

I am proud of improving my research skills because I used to not understand my research that much but now that we did Exibition it help me a lot and now I understand my research.

Something that was challenging was probably getting along with my group because we used to get mad at each other, have an attitude or misunderstand each other.

Interviewing people was fun because we got to learn a lot about hungry children and information that we never new about hungry children.

It is important to interview people because you wonton would learn a lot about your topic and the information that you never knew about your topic.

I gained how to research better now and I know how to gain my thinking skills.

MK Week 8 Reflection

This week we made a poster that went pretty well. So we had 4 emotions of a hungry child at school Loney, Disappointed, Upset and Left Out. We also did a good nod on drawing the fruits on the side.

Reading the info is A Little hard because we have to get some in our heads and we had to memorize it. We also had to ask other people questions about there Exhibition topic

I think that my mentor Mrs. Czember. She help us a lot and made our research easier and gave us lots of info. Also she helped us get organized and helps us when we were confused about something.

MK Week 7 Reflection

Exhibition provides us with working with other people from other classes and help us getting to know how well the other person can work with you.

Something that people don’t know about Exhibition is that there you can have a chance to show the teachers how hard you can work and you can work with other people.

Achieving my goal( Thinking Skills) has gone very well because I have been improving and I have been improving when I come across some website I read in and I use my thinking skills if it is for my question or not.

MK Week 6 Reflection

I found getting along with each other was challenging because sometimes one of me and my group would fight over a question or have an attitude.

What TD skills are important throughout the process of Exhibition?
Research Skills are important because if you wanted to improve on them Exhibition would help you a lot to improve research. Thinking Skills are important throughout Exhibition because you can think deep into a question and improve on them.

How does Exhibition inspire you to take action?
Exhibition inspired me a lot because it taught me so much and gave me a lot of info and inspired me to donate to the Food Bank and help children and their families and give them money

Mahek Reflection #5

Exhibition is important because I think that you get to learn new things about that topic that you never knew about before and you would get to experience how Exhibition is like. Another reason is you get to work with people that you have never worked with and maybe you and that person might get along well.

I think we do Exhibition because we can do a topic that we are passionate. Also I think we do it because we have a chance to show how hard we can work. Another reason is maybe because we can show our research skills and thinking skills.

The skills I have shown are communicating skills whenever I find some information and I feel like to me if it does not make sense I would ask one of my group members to read it and if it makes sense to them I would ask them what it says in their own words. I show self management skill when sometimes if my group was off task I would try staying on task and I would keep them out of trouble.